Red Walker
Right sideLeft side
4 16-beams
4 2-beams
4 4-beams
2 2 x 4 blocks
2 cams
2 lift arms
2 gray connectors
2 axle/connectors
4 bushings
2 24-tooth gears
2-beveled gears (as half bushings)
2 crown gears
1 worm gear
1 small pulley
1 large pulley
1 4-axle
1 6-axle
2 8-axles
1 motor
1 lead and battery box
1 red belt
6 axle
4 axle
Middle section gear box.

The middle section is completed by placing the 4 axle though the middle hole of the 16 beam.
2 8-axles
Keep axles flush with cams - do not have them stick out into the beam.

On right side, place small gears as half bushings on 8-axles.

The 4-beams are placed on the top of the motor.
Motor and beams are all used upside down.

Last step is to place crown gear in left side to mesh with the spur gears.
Have all the legs down while placing it.

Left side

Right  side

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