Slot Car

Adapted from AIMS LEGO book
Brick Layers II page 62.
These pictures show one way to do one of the extension ideas.

Build three cars.
Set two meter sticks between two tables so that the string and weight fall
between the sticks and the wheels of the car roll on the meter sticks.
Tape the ends of the meters stick to the tables using 5 cm on each end.

Use the grid determine the size of the pieces.

Each car will have medium sized front wheels.

Run three trials each with each of the following size wheels.
Average the distance traveled for each size wheel.

Small traction wheels

Medium friction wheels

Large friction wheels.

Which size tire gives the longest distance?
Which size tire gives the fastest speed?

Graph the three trials for each size tires.
Draw a line at the average across the columns for each size.

small                      medium                      large

Davis Creek Elementary Slot Cars 2003
LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton
February 14, 2003