Snail Car

Last car wins.
It must make forward motion at all times.

This version takes 3,375 rotations of the motor for the wheel to turn 1 time.
Take the challenge. You can do better

It is hard to see the last gear moving but it is.

This snail car goes slowly.

They figured out that it takes
3,375 rotations of the axle on the motor
to have the axle on the wheel go around 1 time.

Still going

Almost the end of class.

Still going. Actually it took 34 minutes to do 3,375 rotations.

Using one Simple Motorized machine set, what is the slowest car you can make?
There is a worm gear box, two 40 tooth gears, 3 eight tooth gears, and a couple 24 tooth gears, 2 crown gears, and pulleys.


Use Alien set

1 to 25 ratio

This is an activity with compound gearing.
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