Snow Plow

This snowplow is for the January 2003 theme project for SENSORSCITY.
I had originally planned to make a one motor snow plow since the OUTPUT C is usually
where I put the activity that changes each month.
However I am going to try to add this to OUTPUT B and have it run with the Monorail.

The motor going forward makes the plow go forward.
The motor going backwards has the plow turn.
The motor is held in place on 10 stud beams with 4 plates with slides.
The differential meshes with the crown gear with an 8 tooth gear between.

The pawl drops onto the 24 tooth gear and is loosely kept by the 2 by 2 plate.

The plow blade goes in front.
More pictures
Snow plow can be made with Cities and Transportation sets with small changes.

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