Inch Worm 2006
The inch worm project is a good example of a use for a worm gear.

This week I have been talking about worm gears with the classes.
The plan is to see how worm gears can be used to make inchworms.
Miller 3rd

The crown gear can mesh with the worm gear in the gear box or with a single plate spacing between two beams.

Another element of the inch worm is a reticulated motion on a beam by connecting it to a 40 tooth gear at the edge.


The gears and pulley concepts are in the green instructions with the Motorized simple machine sets.

VOB 4th is using the RCX RoboTech sets and starting the Robo Adventures.

It comes with some CD movies of LEGO parts made by robotics.

They organized the pieces and read what will be next.

The fifth grade are going to build the inch worm and then use the RCX to run it.

Here are some views of the important parts of the inchworm.

Miller 4th

Spring Hill 5th

One nice thing about 9 volt motors is that they exactly can fit LEGO leads.

Team sets can be used to make inchworms.

VOB 5th grade

Spring Hill 4th

Different placement of the ends of the connecting beam make faster or slower inchworms.

Tall inchworms work, too.

The crown gear in the left picture is the crown gear in the right picture.
It is shown in both to let you see where the gears will mesh.
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