LEGO sets can be used for tops.

We followed instructions in Math Machines to make a top game.

Each student spun the top three times and added their numbers.

Spinning tops is fun.

Gear Up for fast speed.

Gear Down for slow.
This bubble blower needs both fast and slow.
The fan must go fast and the wands must go slowly.

To get a top to spin for a long time
what gearing might you use?

The top has an 8 tooth gear.  The spinner needs to have a bigger gear mesh with it.

Does adding a motor work better than by hand?

Just one quick twist of the handle could make the top spin for 30 seconds.

The fan from the Yellow Mini sets has gearing up.
Take the bushing off the top axle and the fan part can be a top driven by the gear train.

How does the shape and weight of the top change the time it spins?

40 tooth gear on motor can drive an 8 tooth gear on the axle of the top.
Put a beam alongside of the motor with plates to position it in the middle.

WeDo and NXT

With the WeDoTM you can program the screan to keep track of the seconds.

New White sets

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