Red Rover
LEGO CITY Connection
from MATH Class
Smith Hall 5th floor
Marshall University
September 13, 2001
The old machine still works.
The CITY at night

Now, with the following program, the CITY at night
can run on the same program as the rotating light.
Links to other programs

This is an IMAGE CAPTURE from the Red Rover Program.
Message015=Thank you for the math problem.  This is a math class
Message016=and we are doing conversions.
Message017=From on Thu Sep 13 15:13:54 2001
Message018=How many feet long is the CITY?
Message019=From on Thu Sep 13 15:13:11 2001
Message020=I am trying to IMAGE CAPTURE
Message021=This is an old machine.
Message022=Please try to get some good image from that machine.
Message023=From on Thu Sep 13 15:11:03 2001
Message024=I have one student here.
Message025=He wants to know how large the whole set up is.
Message026=From on Thu Sep 13 15:10:15 2001
Message027=The dark looks good.  I like it.  LH
The answer from the two students at the LEGO CITY was that the set up for the CITY is about 1 meter by 1.5 meters.

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