Davis Creek Elementary
RCX Robotics
Programmed in RoboLab

Davis Creek Elementary has been building Robots with LEGO elements and the RCX Intelligent Brick and programming them with RoboLab software.  Programs are designed and then downloaded through an infrared tower  to the RCX.  Davis Creek Elementary fifth grade students, working in pairs, designed, built and programmed a Robotics project during four weeks in January and February 1999.

Kittybot Sash2

Sahsa2 program multitasked with music and a loop.   Chameleon used a jump and then used a light sensor.
Cocers and music
Scorpio followed a flashlight.     Cocers moved back and forth and had music.  (by Mrs. Lutz)
Ghost Ride
Mr. Bumper
The haunted house ride had ghost light up and a skeleton jump up.   Mr. Bumper could find the way out.
Watch Mouse Pikachu
Fiber Optics Merry-go-round
Watch mouse jumped out when some one came by.    The Merry-go-round had fiber optics.
Alien with moving tail
Automatic garage door
The alien followed a black line, wiggled his tail, and flashed lights.   The garage door opened automatically.
Projects created 1/22/99 to 2/19/99

Easter Bunny Robot
Robots Continued
L. Hamilton
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