Embedded Librarians

FYS Embedded librarians in the First Year Seminar

Librarians are participating in an experiment in fall 2010 with the new First Year Seminars. Each First Year Seminar will have an embedded librarian who will meet with the class up to four times during the semester. These sessions are carefully and thoughtfully planned in conjunction with the FYS course professor so that librarians can design instruction that supports critical thinking, addresses course assignments and fosters information literacy in students.

Embedded Lite program

In addition to our collaboration with FYS, we offer embedded lite sessions for upper-level, subject specific courses. This means that a librarian can work with a course instructor to design up to four sessions tailored to research needs of students in a specific course. Please bear in mind that librarians will be fairly taxed in the early part of the semester as they fulfill their FYS embedded librarian commitments. Please send your request for embedded lite instruction well in advance of the dates you prefer, and we will do our best to accommodate you and your students!