Application Procedures for Transfer Students

A high school graduate or GED recipient who wishes to enroll at Marshall University and who has attempted coursework from another accepted, accredited college or university is classified as a transfer student. Marshall University does not at any time or under any condition disregard college or university credits attempted or earned at accepted, accredited institutions for the purpose of admission. Any student admitted on the basis of false and/or incomplete information is subject to immediate dismissal or other disciplinary action.

General Admission Requirements:

All transfer students must be eligible to return to the institution they most recently attended.
In addition, transfer students who have fewer than 26 earned semester hours must meet one of the following criteria:

- Must meet the freshman admission standards (see Freshmen)
- Have earned 12 graded college-level semester hours and completed all prerequisite courses for English and math while maintaining a 2.00 cumulative college GPA.

Transfer students who do not meet either of these requirements may appeal the decision through the Admissions appeals process. If a transfer student is admitted with a cumulative GPA below 2.00, he or she is on academic probation and is eligible to register for a limited number of credit hours. Please contact the appropriate dean's office for specific guidelines.

Admission to Marshall University does not guarantee admission to specific academic programs. Students must meet all requirements of an academic program in order to be admitted to that program.

Required Application Materials:
1. Completed application for admission. (The application must be complete, including the statement of activities section, before transfer students can be considered for admission to the university).
2. A non-refundable transfer evaluation fee of $50.00.
3. Official transcripts from the Registrar's Office of all accepted, accredited institutions attended must be sent directly to the Marshall Admissions Office. (Faxed transcripts, transcripts marked "Issued to Student," transcripts issued to any third party, or transcripts submitted directly by students cannot be accepted.)
4. Transfer applicants with fewer than 26 earned semester hours must also submit an official high school transcript with graduation date and ACT or SAT scores.
5. A valid immunization record, including measles and rubella, is required of all transfer students. Applicants can provide an immunization record signed by a physician or an official copy of the permanent high school health record including a report of the required immunizations. Students must provide proof of immunity before or during the first semester of enrollment or they will not be permitted to enroll in subsequent terms. If an applicant has religious beliefs which prohibit vaccination, the applicant must submit a notarized statement from a member of his or her clergy. Requests for exemptions should be made to the Admissions Office. Students born prior to January 1, 1957 are exempt from the immunization requirement.

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