The pledging process to become a full pledged brother does take up time and will require you to learn about the background knowledge of the fraternity. However, we try to make it fun and make you not feel like you are getting beaten to death with excess knowledge of this fraternity. And yes, while pledging you have to host a professional event, do community service event, do some form of fundraising and have a social event too. This in which might seem like a lot of work but it really isn’t when your pledge class works together, then it will seem as the pledging process has gone by faster. Finally you will experience having to become leaders and do team building activities to help you get to become a brother of AKPsi.

When you become a member; the obligations that you’ll have to accept to are in which are some benefits:

  1. Have the support of other business and non-business students when selecting and working through classes
  2. Conduct fundraising activities which will provide you with experience with team work and leadership
  3. Perform community service activities which will give back to the community
  4. Benefit from professional speakers that the chapter hosts every semester, so you can gain from their experiences as well as make contacts in the business world
  5. Have fun, we have multiple social events every semester such as in the past we have gone bowling, gone to fat pattys and other places

The Core values of AKPsi are:

  1. Brotherhood- trust, respect, cooperation, companionships and aid to members
  2. Knowledge- education and experience
  3. Integrity- all actions are guided ethics, honesty, and fairness
  4. Service- sharing of time, which is treasured with both the community and our organization
  5. Unity- a common understanding of our vision and values that are anticipated to create the future