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Academic Affairs

General Education and Assessment
Overview of General Education at Marshall University
The Marshall Plan

The Marshall Plan for Quality Undergraduate Education is designed to ensure that every student who receives a Baccalaureate degree from Marshall University will be well prepared for the 21st Century.  Requirements of the Marshall Plan include:


1.  An integrated/applied Mathematics course

2.  A team-taught integrated Science course (students in the College of Science, Nursing and Dietetics students in the College of Health Professions are exempt from this requirement)

3.  A three hour course with a multicultural designation

4.  Six hours of courses with International designations

5.  A three hour course with a writing intensive designation

6.  Completion of a computer literacy/competency requirement defined by the major department

7.  A capstone experience completed by the end of the senior year. 


*Students may request that transfer credit fulfill any of the above requirements by contacting the Office of Academic Affairs (304-696-6690)

Additional Essential Skills
1.  Critical Thinking
2.  Fine Arts Appreciation
3.  Written Communication
4.  Oral Communication
General Education Assessment Forms
General Education Assessment Report Guidelines
General Education Student Learning Outcomes Chart
General Education Reports
Each core component area prepares an assessment report for general distribution to the various colleges and schools.  Use the links below to review these reports






























































Component Area





2009 2010

Critical Thinking

CLA Institutional Report 05

CLA Institutional Report 06

CLA Institutional Report 07 CLA Institutional Report 08

CLA Technical Appendices
CLA Institutional Report 09 CLA Institutional Report 10

Oral Communication

Oral Communication 05

Oral Communication 06

Oral Communication 07 Oral Communication 08 Oral Communication 09 Oral Communication 10

Written Communication

Written Communication 05     Written Communication 2008    

Writing Across the Curriculum

WAC 2005




Math Literacy

Math Literacy 05      
Scientific Reasoning Integrated Science 05 Integrated Science 06      
Computer Competency/ Information Literacy            
Multicultural Studies Multicultural Studies 05          
International Studies            
Art Appreciation

Arts Appreciation Narrative 05

Arts Appreciation Chart 05

Arts Appreciation Narrative 06     Arts Appreciation (Music) 09

Arts Appreciation (Theatre) 09

Arts Appreciation (Art & Design) 09
Click Here for GenEd reports prior to the most recent five years.
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