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Academic Affairs

Program Contact Information
Program / CIP Code Course Designators Contact Information

College of Education and Human Services - Dr. Robert Bookwalter, Interim Executive Dean                                                                                                                                Dr. Thelma "Sissy" Isaacs, Interim Associate Dean

 School of Education - Dr. George Watson, Division Chair

 BA Elementary Education 24-13-1202

BA Secondary Education 24-13-1205

 Elementary & Secondary (CI)

 Dr. Paula Lucas - x62882 Email



Educational Foundations (EDF)

Dr. Steven Banks  - x62869 Email


 Reading Education

 Mindy Allenger - x62892 Email


 Special Education

 Dr. Robert Angel - x62854 Email

 School of Human Development & Allied Technology - Dr. Lee Olson,  Division Chair

      BA Education Counselor            24-13-1101

Counseling (COUN)

   Dr. Lisa Burton - x62915 Email       

 BA Family & Consumer Sciences

MA Family & Consumer Sciences

Family & Consumer Science (FSC)

 Dr. Mary Mhango - x63535 Email

 BS Adult & Technical Education

MS Adult & Technical Education

Adult & Technical Education (ATE)

Dr. Lee Olson - x66757 Email

College of Fine Arts – Don Van Horn, Dean
Dr. David Castleberry, Associate Dean

 BFA Fine Arts  24-50-0701

 Dean Don Van Horn - x62964 Email

 BFA Art  24-50-0701
MA Art   42-50-0705

Art (ART)

Prof. Byron Clercx (BA) - x65451 Email

Prof. Peter Massing (MA) - x66635 Email

BM Music 24-50-0701
       MM Music 24-50-0901        

Music (MUS)

Dr. Jeffrey Pappas - x63117 Email

 BFA Theatre 24-50-0701

 Theatre (THE)

 Dr. Julie Jackson - x66584 Email

College of Health Professions - Dr. Michael Prewitt, Dean                                                Dr. Charles Hossler - Interim Associate Dean  

      AAS Med Lab Technician        23-51-1004
      BSMT Med Lab Technology      24-51-1005
BS Cytotechnology   24-51-1002

 Clinical Lab Sciences (CLS, CYT)

 Prof. Jennifer Perry - x63188 Email

 BA Communication Disorders -
MA Communication Disorders 42-51-0203

Communication Disorders (CD)

Prof. Kathryn Chezik - x62979 Email

 BS Dietetics 24-19-0503
MS Dietetics 42-19-0503
Dietetics Internship

Dietetics (DTS)

Dr. Mary Kathryn Gould (BS) - x63364 Email

Dr. Kelli Jo Williams (MS) - x64336 Email

       ASN Nursing (St. Mary’s)       23-51-1601
BSN Nursing 24-51-1601
MSN Nursing 42-51-1699
Post-Masters Certificate

Nursing ( NUR)

Dr. Shelia Kyle (ASN), St. Mary’s -      526-1416 Email

Dr. Denise Landry (BSN, MSN) – x62630 Email

 BSW Social Work 24-44-0701

 Social Work (SWK)

Dr. Charles Hossler - x63743 Email

School of Kinesiology - Dr. Eric Arnold, Interim Division Chair

BS Athletic Training   

BA Physical Education  24-13-1314

MS Health and Physical Education

MS Exercise Science 42-31-0505

Exercise Science, Sport & Recreation (former HPER)           (HE; DAN; PE)


 Dr. Eric Arnold - x62412 Email

Dr. Gary McIlvain (BS Athletic Training) - x62930 Email

Dr. William Marley (MS Exercise Science) - x62936 Email

 BS Park Resources & Leisure Services 24-31-0301

 Recreation - PLS

Dr. James Farmer - X62923 Email

College of Information Technology and Engineering - Dr. Betsy Dulin, Dean
Professor Elizabeth Hanrahan, Associate Dean

Division of Applied Science and Technology - Dr. Allan Stern, Chair

 MS Environmental Studies 42-03-0102

Applied Science & Technology (ES)

Dr. Allan Stern - x63069 Email

Dr. Scott Simonton - x62045 Email

 BS Safety Technology 24-15-0701

MS Safety Technology 42-15-0201

Applied Science & Technology (SFT)

 Dr. Allan Stern - x63069 Email


 MS Technology Management 42-30-9999

 Applied Science & Technology (TM)

Dr. Allan Stern - x63069 Email

Dr. Tracy Christofero - x62078 Email

 Weisberg Division of Engineering and Computer Science - Dr. William Pierson, Chair

 BS Computer Science

 Computer Science (CS)

 Dr. William Pierson - x62695 Email

 BSE Engineering 

Computer Science (ENGR, CVLE)

Dr. William Pierson - x62695 Email

 MSE  Engineering  - 42-14-0101

 Engineering (ENGR, EM ENVE)

 Dr. William Pierson - x62695 Email

Dr. Eldon Larsen - x62047 Email

 MS Information Systems - 42-11-0401

Information Systems (IS)

 Dr. William Pierson - x62695 Email

College of Liberal Arts – Dr. David Pittenger, Dean
Dr. Kellie Bean, Associate Dean

BA Communication Studies       24-23-1001

MA Communication Studies      42-23-1001

 Communication Studies (CMM)

Dr. Camilla Brammer  - x62810 Email

 BA Criminal Justice 24-43-0104
MS Criminal Justice 42-43-0104

 Criminal Justice (CJ)

Dr. Dru Bora - x63087 Email

BA Economics 24-45-0601 Economics (ECN) Dr. David Pittenger - x62731 Email

BA English 24-23-0101
MA English 42-23-0101

English (ENG) Dr. Jane Hill - x66416 Email

BS/BA Geography 24-45-0701
MA/MS Geography 42-45-0701

Geography (GEO)

 Dr. Josh Hagen - x62505 Email

 BA History 24-45-0801
MA History 42-45-0801

 History (HST)

Dr. Dan Holbrook - x62417 Email

     BA Humanities 24-24-0103   


MA Humanities 42-24-0103

Classical Studies (CL, GRK, LAT)

 Philosophy (PHL)

Religious Studies (RST)


     Dr. John Vielkind - x64640 Email         



Dr. Eric Lassiter - x61923 Email

      BA Latin 24-16-1203             MA Latin 42-16-1203

Latin (LAT)

Dr. Caroline Perkins - x62701 Email

BA Modern Languages 24-16-0101

Modern Languages (FRN, GER, JPN, SPN)


 Dr. Maria Carmen Riddel - x62742 Email

 BA Political Science 24-45-1001
       BA International Affairs            24-45-0901
MA Political Science 42-45-1001

Political Science (PSC)

Dr. Marybeth Beller - x62763 Email 

 BA Psychology 24-42-0101
MA Psychology 42-42-0101
Psy. D. Psychology   44-42-0201

 Psychology (PSY)

Dr. Steven Mewaldt - x62777 Email

BA Sociology 24-45-1101
MA Sociology 42-45-1101

Sociology/Anthropology (ANT, SOC)

Dr. Anders Linde-Laursen - x62788 Email

College of Science – Dr. Charles Somerville, Dean                                                          Dr. Wayne Elmore - Associate Dean

Division of Biological Sciences - Dr. Elmer Price, Division Chair

       BS Biological Sciences        24-26-0101

      MA/MS Biological Sciences   42-26-0101

Biological Sciences (BSC)

 Dr. Elmer Price - x63611 Email

Division of Mathematics and Applied Sciences - Dr. Ralph Oberste-Vorth, Division Chair

BS Environmental Science        24-03-0102

Integrated Science & Technology (IST)

 Dr. Michael Little - x65446 Email


       BS Integrated Science          24-30-0601

Integrated Science & Technology (IST)

Dr. Michael Little - x65446 Email

BS Mathematics 24-27-0101

MA Mathematics 42-27-0101

Mathematics (MTH)

Dr. Ralph Oberste-Vorth - x66010 Email

Physical Sciences - Dr. Mike Castellani, Division Head

  BS Chemistry 24-40-0501

MS Chemistry 42-40-0501

 Chemistry (CHM)

 Dr. Michael Castellani – x66486 Email

Dr. John Hubbard x63136 Email

 BS/BA Geology 24-40-0601

Geology (GLY)

Dr. Dewey Sanderson - x65435 Email

         MS Physical Sciences            42-40-0801

Physics & Physical Sciences  (PHY, PS)

Dr. Ralph Oberly - x62757 Email

 BS Physics 24-40-0801


 Physics & Physical Sciences (PHY, PS)

 Dr. Nicola Orsini - x62756 Email

Graduate School of Education and Professional Development - Dr. Teresa Eagle, Dean

 MA Counseling 42-13-1101

Counseling (COUN)

Dr. Michael Burton - x61928 Email

MA Elementary Education

MA Early Childhood Education

MA Secondary Education

      Ed S Education Specialist          43-13-0101

 Elementary and Secondary Education (CIEC; CIME; CISE; CISL; CIVI; EDF)

Dr. Lisa Heaton  - x63102 Email

      MA Leadership Studies         43-13-0499

Leadership Studies (LS)

Dr. Michael Cunningham - x61912 Email

      MA Reading Education         42-13-1315

 Reading Education

Dr. Barbara O'Byrne- x62024 Email

        Ed S School Psychology         42-13-0802

 School Psychology (SPSY)

Dr. Fred J. Krieg - x62067 Email

    MA Special Education           42-13-1001

Special Education

 Dr. Michael Sullivan - x62076 Email

MAT Teaching 42-13-1209 Master's of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Dr. Sandra Bailey - (304) 252-0719 Email

 Ed D Education 44-13-0401


Dr. Teresa Eagle - X68924 Email

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine - Robert C. Nerhood, MD Interim Dean, SOM                                                                                             Dr. Richard Niles, Sr. Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Programs  

       MS Biomedical Sciences           42-51-1399

      PhD Biomedical Sciences          44-51-1399 

 Dr. Richard Niles - x67323 Email


Anatomy, Cell and Neurobiology (ACB)

Dr. Laura Richardson - x63681 Email


 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BIC)

 Dr. Richard Niles - x67323 Email


 Microbiology (MCB)

Dr. Donald Primerano - x67338 Email


Pharmacology, Physiology & Toxicology (PMC, PHS)

Dr. Gary Rankin - x67313 Email

Dr. Gary Wright - x67362 Email

     MS Forensic Science 42-43-0104

 Forensic Science (FCS)

Dr. Terry Fenger - x64373 Email

 MD Medicine 31-51-1201

 School of Medicine

 Dr. Charles McKown - x61700 Email

 Lewis College of Business - Dr. Chong Kim, Dean
 Dr. Andrew Sikula, Associate Dean

BBA Accounting     24-52-0301

 Accountancy & Legal Environment (ACC, LE)

Dr. Suneel Maheshwari - x62656 Email

BBA Economics 24-52-0601 

BBA Finance 24-52-0801 

 Finance/Economics (ECN, FIN)

Dr. Harlan Smith - x63233 Email

 BBA Management 24-52-0201

BBA Management Information Systems - 24-52-1203

BBA Marketing 24-52-1401 

 Management/Marketing (MGT, MIS, MKT, HCA, IR, IER)

 Dr. Charles Braun - x62674 Email


Graduate School of Management - Dr. Andrew Sikula,  Associate Dean

MBA Business Administration

MS Health Care Administration 

MS  Human Resource Management  42-52-1002

DMPNA Management Practice in Nurse Anesthesia

 Lewis College of Business
Graduate School of Management (IR, HCA, HRM, MPNA)

 Dr. Uday Tate (MBA) - x62672 Email


Dr. Alberto Coustasse (HCM),  - x61968 Email

Dr. Katherine Karl (HRM),  - x61965 Email

 Dr. Andrew Sikula, (DMPNA) - x61956 Email

School of Extended Education

 RBA Regents Bachelor of Arts



Dr. Elaine Baker - x66400 Email

W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications - Dr. Corley Dennison, Dean  Professor Janet Dooley - Associate Dean

 BA Journalism and Mass Communications 24-09-0401

MAJ Journalism 42-09-0401

 Journalism/Mass Communications (JMC)

Dr. Corley Dennison - x62809 Email 

**Unless otherwise indicated, all phone numbers are (304) 696 +  the last four digits of the extension. 

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