2017 Mentor Training

Early Bird Special

The 2017 Autism Mentor trainings, sponsored by the West Virginia Autism Training Center, will take place in various locations on several dates in June and July, 2017.

Mentor 1 only: $100 ($125 on May 1st)
Mentor 2 only: $100 ($125 on May 1st)
Mentor 1 and Mentor 2: $200 ($250 on May 1st)

This page will be updated with the address for each training on May 1st, or call 304-696-2332 after May 1st.

  • Fairmont Area
    June 21-22 (Mentor 1) and June 26-27 (Mentor 2)
  • Beckley Area
    June 19-20 (Mentor 1) and June 21-22 (Mentor 2)
  • Charleston Area
    June 12-13 (Mentor 1) and June 14-15 (Mentor 2)
  • Martinsburg Area
    June 19-20 (Mentor 1) and June 21-22 (Mentor 2)
  • Moorefield Area
    June 26-27 (Mentor 1) and June 28-29 (Mentor 2)

Register early as registration at some locations may be capped due to limited space.

Please Note: The four day training (Mentor 1 and Mentor 2 combined) provides 12 mentor points towards the necessary 15 points needed to meet the requirements for Autism Mentor classification. Also, each location must have a minimum of 10 registered mentors in order for the class to be presented. If less than 10 mentors register for any location that class will be cancelled and mentors will be permitted to attend another location that is closest to them.