How to Apply for the Family Focus Positive Behavior Support Program

The FF-PBS program is an annual process that supports approximately 100 families in West Virginia each year. To participate in the program requires that one (a) be registered as a client with WV ATC, and (b) complete a separate application specific to the FF-PBS process. The steps for application are:

Step 1: Contact WV ATC’s Intake Coordinator at 304-696-2332 (or in-state, 1-800-344-5115) and request to complete an intake for WV ATC services

Step 2: A registration application is sent out from the office to the applicant who will complete the application, then return it to the Intake Coordinator along with a diagnostic evaluation. The evaluation must be completed by a medical doctor or licensed clinical psychologist. An educational evaluation is not accepted

Step 3: The applicant becomes a “registrant” and is assigned a registration number. An acceptance packet is mailed out from WV ATC

Step 4: Within 10 days the Intake Coordinator contacts the registrant to review the acceptance packet. Services are explained including the FFPBS process. The website is reviewed, a Family Action Plan is developed, and the second packet goes out which contains the following:

  • FF-PBS application (if interested is stated)
  • My ID card
  • All About Me form
  • Primer for Educator Book
  • ATC Magazine
  • My child has autism cards
  • Family action plan

Step 5: After one week the Intake Coordinator calls the family to review the Family Action Plan, reminds them of our services and discuss the FFPBS process and its application list

Step 6: If the FF-PBS application is completed and returned to WV ATC it is acknowledged in a follow-up call and the registrant is added to the Application List until notified it is time for their program to begin. Please note: The FF-PBS program is designed to be an annual process that supports approximately 100 families per year. As a result, there is a natural wait time for new applicants.