How to Apply for Solution Focused Positive Behavior Support

SF-PBS is a time limited (typically up to a maximum of six one-hour sessions) person-centered direct service designed primarily to identify strategies to address specific, non-crisis challenges, and to support the development of skills that improve quality of life. SF-PBS efforts do not provide for long-term or on-going services, nor for intensive follow-up. A separate and unique application is required to be considered for SF-PBS. This application can be acquired by:

Step 1: Contact WV ATC’s Intake Coordinator at 304-696-2332 (or in-state, 1-800-344-5115) and request to complete an intake for WV ATC services,

Step 2: A registration application is sent out from the office to the applicant who will complete the application, then return it to the Intake Coordinator along with a diagnostic evaluation. The evaluation must be completed by a medical doctor or licensed clinical psychologist. An educational evaluation is not accepted,

Step 3: The applicant becomes a “registrant” and is assigned a registration number. An acceptance packet is mailed out from WV ATC,

Step 4: Within 10 days the Intake Coordinator contacts the registrant to review the acceptance packet. Services are explained including the SF-PBS application process. The website is reviewed, a Family Action Plan is developed, and the second packet goes out which explains service options,

Step 5: If a registrant is interested in applying for the SF-PBS model, an application is sent out by the Intake Coordinator, completed by the registrant, and returned to the WV ATC. The Associate Director of Training receives the application, contacts the applicant to discuss needs in more detail, then assigns staff as they are available.