How to Register for Services


The West Virginia Autism Training Center (WV ATC) serves West Virginians diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, regardless of age. The following qualifications must be met to apply for services:

  • If the applicant is a minor, his or her parent or legally recognized caregivers must reside in West Virginia. If the applicant is a legally competent adult, they must also reside in West Virginia.
  • You must have a clinical diagnosis of Autistic Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), Asperger’s Disorder, or Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • The diagnosis must be provided by a licensed clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, or other medical doctor. An educational determination (sometimes called “diagnosis” in school systems) cannot be accepted as part of the registration.

Questions can be addressed by calling 800-344-5115 or 304-696-2332 and asking for the intake coordinator.

How do I register for services?
The registration process must be initiated by the individual diagnosed with an ASD, or by the parent or legally recognized caregiver. To begin, call the toll free number, 800-344-5115 or 304-696-2332 and ask for the intake coordinator. The intake coordinator will get some preliminary information, answer any questions and send the registration packet. The applicant should complete the registration packet within a two week time period and mail it back along with a copy of the clinical diagnostic report confirming a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder.

* Please note that some direct services require a separate application.

If my child or I qualify for services what happens next?
As soon as the registration packet is received the intake coordinator from the WV ATC will contact the applicant by mail to confirm if all requirements have been met. If all requirements have been met, the applicant will receive a letter of acceptance, a registration card and general information about the WV ATC and autism spectrum disorders. A few days after that, the intake coordinator will schedule a phone call to review all of the services offered and to review the WV ATC website. The intake coordinator and the registrant will develop an initial family action plan. The family action plan contains first steps to getting started with services. Those services are described under the resources for registered families section of this website. Information will be provided about the direct service program for which families may apply.

After the phone call to review the initial information about services, the intake coordinator will send a second packet which contains additional information which includes forms to complete to receive identification products and any other materials or information discussed during the first phone call. From there, a family action plan will be developed and implemented.

Is there a fee for services?
There is no fee for direct services provided by the WV Autism Training Center for families or individuals who are eligible and registered.