Admission Criteria

Acceptance into the Athletic Training program is competitive and not guaranteed. Prospective students must meet the minimum criteria listed below to be considered for admission to the program:

  • Admission to Marshall University;
  • Declared Athletic Training as a major, including area of emphasis;
  • An overall minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Apply to the Athletic Training Program (refer to ATP application materials).
    • Note** All application materials for Spring of 2019 will be submitted to a centralized application system (ATCAS) by clicking here.
  •  A letter grade of "C" or better on all required pre-requisite athletic training coursework: BSC 227, BSC 228, DTS   210, EDF 417 (or equivalent), ESS 345, HS 200, HS 215, HS 220, HS 222, HS 365, and PSY 201.
  • Completion of all required MU core courses
  • Completion of a minimum of 90 credit hours
  • Submit all necessary documents to apply to the Athletic Training Program. For information and details go to (Provide link to admissions documents once these are available)
  • Completion of Directed Observation Clinical Experience requirements as outlined by the Marshall University ATP
  • Successful interview (NOTE: interviews are extended during the spring semester with applications due in early March)
  • Ability to meet the Technical Standards of Admission documented by a licensed physician

Prerequisites – Provisional Admission Criteria

Prospective students must have already taken or be currently enrolled in the following courses when applying to the Athletic Training Program.

All required MU core courses include:

  • BSC 227, Human Anatomy (or equivalent)
  • BSC 228, Human Physiology
  • DTS 210, Nutrition
  • EDF 417, Statistical Methods (or PSY 417, BSC 417, or MTH 225)
  • ESS 345, Exercise Physiology
  • HS 200, Comprehensive Medical Terminology (CT)
  • HS 215, Introduction to Athletic Training
  • HS 220, Personal Health
  • HS 222, First Aid
  • HS 365, Kinesiology
  • PSY 201, General Psychology

Important Notices When Applying:

Travel Requirements

The Athletic Training Program uses multiple clinical sites in and around the Huntington Metro area (Tri-State area of WV, KY, and OH). Some of these agencies are outside the immediate campus area (up to 45min drive time). It is the student’s responsibility to arrange transportation to all clinical sites while in the program. During the course of the program, students may be assigned to clinical experiences that may occur any time of the day and/or any day of the week.

Health Form and Immunizations

As part of the application process, students must submit proof of a recent physical examination and record of immunizations that includes proof of HBV inoculation and a negative TB skin test within the last 12 months.  This examination must also include documentation by a licensed physician of the student’s ability to meet the CAATE Technical Standards.  Clinical sites may require other immunizations at any point in the curriculum, and it will be the student’s responsibility to provide documentation as required.

Required Transcripts

Current Marshall University students must provide an unofficial transcript with their ATP application showing both the prerequisite courses as completed or in progress and GPA.  Applicants who have attended or are attending another university must provide official transcripts to both the university and the ATP from those universities for all semesters attended. Transfer students’ transcripts and application process will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

CPR and AED Certification

Students must provide proof of current certification in CPR /AED for the Professional Rescuer or Healthcare Provider as part of their ATP application (American Red Cross or American Heart Association only). These certifications must be kept current while matriculating through the ATP.

Policy and Procedures Manuals