Recent Events

Kings Island Trip- October 24-25, 2015

Members of the Alpha Chi Sigma Gamma Eta chapter took a weekend trip to Kings Island. While there, they were able to catch up with local alumni and stayed overnight with them.


Soup Kitchen

As part of rush for the spring of 2016 members and pledges volunteered at a Soup Kitchen in Huntington. All of those who went felt that the experience was very rewarding, and as a result the chapter will now be volunteering the final Thursday of every month.


ΑΧΣ tutoring

Some actives of ΑΧΣ hold free tutoring sessions that are offered at various times through scheduling. This is an excellent opportunity that allows our members to reach out to and help fellow peers who share the same major. If anyone may be interested in this, please contact Eric Mendenhall.


Rush Spring 2016

Rush this semster was one of the most sucessful yet, generating interest from many students. Rush lead to the pledging of 26 potential Gamma Eta members.


Nerd Herd Cookoff

In the month of November, 2014 the Fall 2014 pledge class hosted the first Nerd Herd Cookoff. Faculty in the various science departments prepared dishes and took them to the student center, were students voted for their favorite dish. Professor Alexander of the Chemistry Department won the competiton with his delicous pumpkin upside down cake.

East Central District Conclave

The Gamma Eta Chapter hosted East-Central District Conclave on April 5th, 2014. While Gamma Eta is now apart of the Bluegrass District, this is still a recent event we are proud of. In a day filled with seminars and activities, the Brothers from Marshall University, James Maddison University, The University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech had fun touring the Marshall's Forensic Science Master Program's crime scene house while learning about this nationally-ranked program.

Brothers pose in the crime scene house during District Conclave.

Brothers from Alpha Kappa join members of the Gamma Eta Chapter at Huntington's popular restaurant Fat Patty's.

Magic Shows

The Gamma Eta Chapter also hosts many Chemistry Magic Shows for local elementary and middle schools. If you are a science coordinator for local schools in Huntington or the surrounding area, contact our officers to arrange a Magic Show. We also judge science fairs! Contact us for information.

Brother Caleb Calvary participates in a Magic Show during Engineering Week at Marshall.

Brother Randi Wilson praticipates in a Magic Show for local fourth-grade students.


In the last year our chapter has also gone to Pittsburgh, PA and on a weekend trip to Timberline Ski Resort in West Virginia.