Rush the Gamma Eta Chapter

Interested in rushing the Gamma Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma? Look out for Rush Week every fall and spring semester. Rush Week will be announced through signs posted in the Science Building and active members will come to the CHM 212 lectures to speak about AXΣ. In order to be eligible to rush AXΣ, you must have completed and passed CHM 211, 217, and be enrolled in CHM 212 and 218 (or 218-H).

Rush Week is a week of activities during which those interested in joining AXΣ can learn more about the fraternity and meet the current members. At the completion of Rush Week, eligible students will be invited to pledge our Chapter. To be eligible, you must have met the academic requirements and have attended at least four Rush Week activities. Activities are held each day of Rush Week and are advertised in the SWAMP (S-477). Although activities change each semester, we always conclude Rush Week by serving dinner at Common Grounds, an outreach ministry serving dinner to the needy in the Huntington area, and going to dinner with all of the members of the Gamma Eta Chapter.

The Fall 2013 Pledges became Brothers at the Fall 2013 Initiation Ceremony. Following the Pledging Ceremony, pledges participate in a pledge class and other AXΣ events leading up to Initiation.

Former Master Alchemist Sandra Farley and Brother Justin Erwin make liquid nitrogen ice cream- a favorite Rush Week activity!