Audition Date: April, 19, 2014- Marshall University Recreation Center, 10:00 a.m.

What to Bring:

  • A recent full body photo (will be placed with your application that will be filled out when you arrive to audition).
  • $20.00 registration/audition fee (no checks, cash only please)
  • 2 batons
  • Water bottle
  • A sweat towel

Candidates should wear a black body suit with shorts and twirling shoes. Twirling costumes are not required, they should also wear performance make-up, their hair neatly back in a ponytail, braid, etc...

The candidates will be taught a short 1 and 2 baton routine and will be judged based on how well they execute the routine, general/physical appearance, body work, and showmanship. Candidates are required to thumb toss their batons. Required one baton tricks include but are not limited to; forward and reverse illusions, Vertical two spin, Horizontal 3 spins, and blind catches. Two baton tricks will be shown at the date of the audition.

If there are any questions concerning these requirements or tryouts please contact Kim Maynard, Majorette Instructor, at 304-634-4222 (email Adam Abshire, Assistant Coach, at 304-544-2416, Brittany Shawver, Assistant Coach 304-437-0245.