Banner General 8.0 Entity Relationship Diagrams

Banking and Currency [html] [pdf]
Business Rule Builder [html] [pdf]
Common Matching [html] [pdf]
Desktop Tools [html] [pdf]
Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) [html] [pdf]
Event Function Process Inquiry[html] [pdf]
Event Queue Maintenance [html] [pdf]
Fine-Grained Access Control[html] [pdf]
Job Submission[html] [pdf]
Letter Generation[html] [pdf]
Menu Preference Maintenance[html] [pdf]
Miscellaneous[html] [pdf]
Multi-Visa[html] [pdf]
Population Selection[html] [pdf]
Quick Flow Process[html] [pdf]
SEVIS[html] [pdf]
Supplemental Data Engine[html] [pdf]
Value Based Security[html] [pdf]
Web Management[html] [pdf]

Updated as of April 2008, Banner General 8.0