Alternate ID Search Form GUIALTI

The SSN/SIN Alternate ID Search Form (GUIALTI) provides a way for you to find the Banner ID Number of a person or an organization when you know one of the following items, or a portion of it:

Users can access GUIALTI from several different forms.  From SPAIDEN and many Banner forms, click on the Search icon to the right of the ID field in the Key Information Block.

The search form GUIALTI will be displayed. Leave the Case Sensitive Query radio button at the bottom of the form set to "No".

Enter search criteria such as Last Name or a combination of Last Name and First Name, SSN, or Birthdate.  Use the wildcard (%) to search for variations of spellings of names, partial SSN's, or partial birthdates.  You can use the % wildcard character at the beginning, end, or in the middle of a search field.  The % can represent one or more characters. You should do a very general search as well as a specific search, depending on the name.  For example, using the name “Gephart”, you could key in the last name with a % wildcard at the end (in case there are "Gephart" records with a suffix appended to the name) and click on the Execute Query icon or press the F8 key:

That would return very few "Gephart’s", and you could visually search for a person. If records matching your search criteria are found in Banner, the form will display data in the fields as shown below.  The Entity indicator has a "P" for a person and a "C" for an organization.  The last field marked "Chg" indicates that a name has been changed ("N") or an ID has been changed ("I").  Highlight a record and click on the Select icon to return to the calling form and display the data for that record.

If you were searching for a person with a common last name such as "Adkins", you would also want to enter a first name or a few letters of the first name with a % wildcard character.  For example, if you were searching for Kathy Adkins, you would key in Adkins in the Last Name field, and Ka% in the First Name field. This will return Kathy, Katherine, and Kathleen Adkins so that you can check to see if Kathy is a nickname.  Capitalizing the "A" and "K" is not necessary if you do not do a case sensitive query.

You can use the % wildcard character at the beginning, end, or in the middle of a name.  If no record is found in Banner, Auto Hint says “Query Caused No Records to be Retrieved."

You can also search using birthdate, such as in the example below:

And you can search using SSN, such as in the example below:

Retrieves these results:

If you do not retrieve any records from your search, exit from the Search Form to return to the calling form to add a person record to Banner.  To add a person record and create an ID number, click on the Maintenance icon by "Generate ID".  The word GENERATED will be inserted in the ID field in the Key Information Block.

Perform a "Next Block" function and key in the name of the person in the appropriate fields.

Click on the Save icon to create a person record and assign an ID number.