Producing a Class Roster

This document provides instructions for producing a Class Roster in Banner.  Before attempting to produce a class roster, you must have a valid MUINFO account and have been granted privileges to run SFRSLST. To request the proper privileges, please contact the University Computing Services Help Desk at 696-3200.

Enter SFRSLST in the "Go To...." box and then press Enter.    

      The following form will appear:

      Perform a Next Block function to enter your networked printer name.  Click on the Search icon to obtain a list of printers; highlight your printer code and click OK:

      Perform a Next Block function to move to the next Block to enter your parameters:

The Tab key allows you to move to the parameter Values column.  To print a class roster for a particular term and CRN, be sure to enter the appropriate Term code and CRNDO NOT leave either of those values blank as you will print rosters for entire terms. 

            01.  Report Title Override:  Leave blank or enter a user-defined title
            02.  Term:  Enter the term code
            03.  Part-of-term (% = All):  Enter a part-of-term code or a "%" for all parts of term
            04.  Start Range from Date:  Leave blank
            05.  Start Range To Date:  Leave blank
            06.  CRN (% = ALL):  Enter the CRN of the class list you wish to print  (See ** below)
            07.  No Grade Report Option:  Enter an "N"
            08.  Sort option:  Enter an "I"  ("I" = Instructor order, "C" = College Order)
            09.  Campus (% = All):  Enter a "%"
            10.  Schedule Type (% = All):  Enter a "%"
            11.  Instructional Method (% = All):  Enter a "%"
            12.  Registration Codes (% = All):  Enter a "%"
            13.  Degree Status (% = All):  Enter a "%"
            14.  Combine crosslisted sections:  Enter an "N"
            15.  Print student addresses:  Enter "A" for addresses; "P" for phone numbers; "E" for email addresses; "N" for none
            16.  Address selection date:  Enter today's date in this format:  DD-MMM-YYYY
            17.  Address priority and type(s):  Enter "1PR" to obtain the most recent permanent home address
            18.  Primary instructors only:  Enter a "Y"
            19.  Print Long Section Title:  Enter an "N"

**Note:  If you wish to print more than one CRN at a time, click on the Insert Record icon, enter an "06" in the Number column, then enter a CRN in the Values column.  You may do this multiple times before submitting the job to print.

Click on "Save Parameter Set as" in the Submission block, make sure that the Submit button is checked, then click on the Save icon.  You will receive the following message:   Click OK to acknowledge the message.


Your Class Roster request will submit and print to the printer selected.