Instructions for Running DNS413  

DNS413 is a report of students who have enrolled in one academic term and have not registered for a subsequent term.  It is used primarily for retention purposes to contact currently enrolled students who have not advance registered for the next academic term so that the Deans' Offices can contact the students.   The report can either be printed in MU's standard printable column format on your networked printer or it can be saved either in the printable format or in a delimited format for use with mail merge.  The report can be run for all students in a college or a Population Selection can be used (e.g. students in a particular major).

Report Name:            DNS413 - Students Not Pre-Registered
Report Elements:       Name, MUID #,  Address, Phone, E-mail Address, Major Code
Report Description:    Listing of students enrolled for one term but not registered for another term.
Report Parameters:       

To print the report on your networked printer, enter the following parameter:

This will send the output to printer DL430B.  The output will contain College of Business students registered in 200701 but not currently registered for 200702.  The output will be in MU's standard printable column format.



This will save the output to the database for review on-line.  After the on-line review, the output can be printed and/or saved to your computer.  The output will contain those students identified by the Population Selection called PROBATION_BY_COLLEGE that was run by user TOMBLIN and who are registered in 200601 but not currently registered for 200602.  The output will be in MU's standard delimited format.