This document provides instructions for printing a Graduation List using Banner job SWRCOMM.  Before attempting to print a graduation list, you must have a valid MUINFO account and have been granted privileges to update SWRCOMM through GJAPCTL.

Enter SWRCOMM in the “Go To….” box:

Enter the name of your printer in the Printer box or enter DATABASE if you do not wish to print but review on-line or save to your computer.

Perform a Next Block function to enter the Parameter Values:


01.    Graduation date:  Enter value as DD-MMM-YY
02.    Type of report:  Enter a “T” for a Tentative Graduation List or an “F” for a Final List
03.    College code:  Enter your two-character college code
04.  Major code:  Enter a four-character major code to retrieve graduates with a specific major code or enter a “%” to retrieve all majors
05.    Campus:  Enter your campus code or enter a “%” to retrieve graduates from all campuses

Perform a Next Block function to go to the Submission Block.  Click on “Save Parameters” and make sure that the Radio button “Submit” is clicked.  Then click on the Save icon.  Clicking on the “Save Parameters” checkbox will save your parameters so that you don’t have to enter all data the next time you run the report, only needed changes in values.  When you click on the Save icon, you will receive the following message:

Click on the "OK" button, and your list will be sent to the printer you entered in the Printer field.  If you entered DATABASE in the Printer field and wish to review the report online or save to your PC, you will receive a Sequence Number at the bottom of the form after you click "OK".

Click on the “Review Output [GJIREVO]” option on the Options Menu to see the output.  The Process is the name of your job, and the Number is the Sequence Number assigned to the job you are running.  Double-click in the Number field to display all of the jobs by that name that you have run; click on the .lis file that matches the Sequence Number of the job you have just run and then click the "OK" button.

Your file will be displayed as follows:

To Save the Output, click on the "Show Document (Save and Print File)" on the Options Menu.  You will receive the following message:

Click "Yes".  Your file will display in a Web browser.  Click on the "File" pull-down menu in the browser, then click on "Save As...." to save the file on your PC.  If you are unable to view your file or save it, check to see if you have a pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer on your machine.  If so, you must set your browser to allow pop-up's.  If allowing pop-up's doesn't let you continue, hold down the "CTRL" key and click "Yes" at the same time.

NOTE:  Parameter #2 (Type of report) indicates the heading to appear on the report as either “Tentative” or “Final”.  The script that creates the report selects graduates whose status is “SO” (sought) on both the Final and Tentative lists.  The Registrar’s Office requests that the Academic Deans submit the report with the appropriate title as in the past to indicate the status of the report.


Pat Gebhart
July 18, 2007