To run a job in Job Submission and save the output to the database, log into Banner and key in GJAPCTL in the Direct Access box.  Key in the Process name; you can look up the Process name by clicking on the Search button to the right of the field and performing a Query.  Perform a Next Block function and enter DATABASE in the Printer field.  Perform another Next Block function and enter the appropriate parameters for your job (see example below for running SWRCOMM).

Perform a Next Block function to go to the Submission Block.  Click on “Save Parameters” and make sure that the Radio button “Submit” is clicked.  Then click on the Save icon.  Clicking on the “Save Parameters” checkbox will save your parameters so that you don’t have to enter all data the next time you run the report, only needed changes in values.  When you click on the Save icon, you will receive the following message:

Click on the OK button, and then you will receive a Sequence Number at the bottom of the form.


Click on the “Review Output [GJIREVO]” option on the Options Menu to see the output.  The Process is the name of your job, and the Number is the Sequence Number assigned to the job you are running.  Double-click in the Number field to display all of the jobs by that name that you have run (see example below for output from SWRCOMM); click on the .lis file that matches the Sequence Number of the job you have just run and then click the OK button.

Your file will be displayed as follows:

To Save the Output, click on the "Show Document (Save and Print File)" on the Options Menu.

Click "Yes".  Your file will display in a Web browser.  Click on the "File" pull-down menu in the browser, then click on "Save As...." to save the file on your PC.  If you are unable to view your file or save it, check to see if you have a pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer on your machine.  If so, you must set your browser to allow pop-ups.


Some jobs may take a few minutes to run so you won’t see the output immediately.  If the job has not completed, when you attempt to Review Output by double-clicking in the Number field, the following message will appear:


This generally means that the job has not completed; click OK and wait a few minutes before attempting to review and save the output.  If, after a considerable amount of time has passed and the job has not completed, review the parameters you have entered.  If they are correct, contact the Computing Services Help Desk at 696-3200.