This document provides instructions for printing a student’s Unofficial Academic Transcript.  Before attempting to print a transcript, you must have a valid MUINFO account and have been granted privileges to update SHARQTC and run SHRTRTC through GJAPCTL.  To request permission to print transcripts, contact Roberta Ferguson, Registrar (ext. 6632) or e-mail  If approved, she will contact Computing Services for the granting of privileges.

Printing a student's transcript is a two-part process.  The first step is to request the transcript and define the mailing instructions, and the second step is to actually print the transcript.

SHARQTC in the "Go To..." box:


Enter the MUID# of the student for whom you wish to request a transcript on SHARQTC (Transcript Request form):

Note:  The student must have entries in one or more of the tables associated with the Academic History module in order to generate a transcript.  In addition, the transcript will not be produced if the student has holds against his or her record which prevent the creation of transcripts.  A transcript may be produced for a student with no institutional history information in academic history who has only either registration or transfer information.

The Current Student Status tab displays the level of the student, the First and Last Term attended, and the Academic Standing as well as GPA data.

Exit the form.

SHRTRTC in the "Go To..." box to print the transcript just requested:

Perform a Next Block function to enter your printer code.  Click on the Search button by the Printer field to list available printers if you don’t know your networked printer’s name. To select a printer from the list, use the up/down arrow keys to find the printer you want. Once the printer name is highlighted, click the OK button, and the printer name will be placed in the printer field for you.

  Perform a Next Block function to move to the Next Block.  Use the up/down arrow keys in Parameters to move from field to field.

  • Value of Transcript Population File is “N” (case sensitive)
  • Enter the MUID# of the student for whom a transcript has been requested; if you wish to print additional transcripts for other students for whom a request has been created, click on the Insert Record icon; on the blank line, enter '02' under Number, Tab to the Values field, and enter an additional MUID#
  • Transcript Type must match the one you requested (case sensitive)
  • Transcript Printer is “%”
  • Use today’s date in format DD-MMM-YYYY for Address Selection Date to select the address valid for today's date(case sensitive)
  • Address Priority and Type is “1PR” (case sensitive)
  • Parameters in items 7-12 must be “N” (case sensitive)
  • Sleep interval is “60
  • Substitute in Progress Title is blank
  • Parameters 16-17 are "N"
  • Parameters 18-19 are blank
  • Print Expanded Hours Formats is “N” (case sensitive)
  • Perform a Next Block function and check Save Parameter Set as (check that and you will only have to enter above parameters once a day except for student’s MUID#)
  • Click on the Save icon and transcript will print

Notes: Only the user who created a transcript request can update the request. Any user can print the transcript. Once a transcript is printed and the print date is inserted in SHARQTC, the transcript request cannot be altered or re-printed. To request an additional transcript, use the down arrow key to obtain a blank record and insert/create another request.