Amazing Events on the Horizon!

Hey everyone!

We had a terrific last meeting with speakers David Hill from Arnett Foster Toothman and Fred Dillon from Dixon Hughes Goodman talking about skills for interviewing. In addition to their entertaining banter between them, they had a ton of good information to think about before we start our round of interviews. They also encouraged us to really start thinking about what we will be asking the interviewers. It was a great night and if you were unfortunate enough to miss it, you definitely missed an informational night.

In addition to information about interviews, I discussed SEVERAL different events that are ramping up at the moment. It may seem like there is a lot going on, and there is, but as the school schedules start to get more difficult, our Beta Alpha Psi schedule will lighten up so that you can focus on the school work. There are several events, which you can get to by clicking on the links to the right. There is plenty of information there about them, and if you need more, as always you can email

All of these events have deadlines, and most of them end soon, so please check them out and make sure you sign up, particularly for the service events. There are only a few scattered throughout the semester, and they are vital to ensure you meet your service minute requirements. Make sure you are up to date with all your sign ups!

This week we will be building on last weeks meeting, and actually practicing those skills that we will be needing in the interviews with our mock “interviewers”. These interviewers will be giving back invaluable information on our performances, so take this opportunity to practice now, before the actual interview!!
See you next Thursday!!