Spring is here! (Semester that is)

Good day!

Time has certainly gotten away from me with last semester. As I am sure every student can understand, the school load took its toll at the end of the semester and the holidays were a welcome break. I know that I have taken advantage of relaxing for a bit over the break, but the spring semester has come all too soon, and we are once again revving up for a fun semester.

Last semester we had a session where we talked about what you thought of Beta Alpha Psi and what we could improve or add. It was very information, and we are trying very hard to incorporate some of the suggestions into our spring semester plans. Our first event will be the interest meeting. This meeting will be more of a meet and greet, with hopefully a little less overwhelming set up, and also an opportunity to just interact with the current members of Beta Alpha Psi, and to allow interested candidates to talk with the officers and members to get to know them.

We also have two large events this semester, Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and the Ramen Noodle Cookoff. We are hoping to have both of these events large and successful this semester, and will need your help as they ramp up.

In addition, one of the other things that was mentioned was a desire to have social events to get to know each other, and we have listened. Over the semester we will have a few social events where you can drop the suit and tie (so to speak) and just have fun with the other members of Beta Alpha Psi.

I look forward to what this semester will bring! See you at the interest meeting.


Stephanie Davis