2013 Fall Update

Hard to believe the Fall Semester is already here!  I hope you all have had a great summer.  We have an exciting semester this fall, and I hope everyone takes advantage of all the opportunities Beta Alpha Psi has to offer.  To kick off the fall, we have Meet the Professionals which is on September 12.  Meet the Professionals is a great way to network with firm representatives to set up future employment or possibly even internship opportunities!  Following that event, is Visit the Firms on September 27.  Visit the Firms is at Charleston this year, and is a great way to learn about each firm’s culture.

Thank you for your continued support, and I can’t to see you back on campus!

Matt Sandy

Spring is here! (Semester that is)

Good day!

Time has certainly gotten away from me with last semester. As I am sure every student can understand, the school load took its toll at the end of the semester and the holidays were a welcome break. I know that I have taken advantage of relaxing for a bit over the break, but the spring semester has come all too soon, and we are once again revving up for a fun semester.

Last semester we had a session where we talked about what you thought of Beta Alpha Psi and what we could improve or add. It was very information, and we are trying very hard to incorporate some of the suggestions into our spring semester plans. Our first event will be the interest meeting. This meeting will be more of a meet and greet, with hopefully a little less overwhelming set up, and also an opportunity to just interact with the current members of Beta Alpha Psi, and to allow interested candidates to talk with the officers and members to get to know them.

We also have two large events this semester, Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and the Ramen Noodle Cookoff. We are hoping to have both of these events large and successful this semester, and will need your help as they ramp up.

In addition, one of the other things that was mentioned was a desire to have social events to get to know each other, and we have listened. Over the semester we will have a few social events where you can drop the suit and tie (so to speak) and just have fun with the other members of Beta Alpha Psi.

I look forward to what this semester will bring! See you at the interest meeting.


Stephanie Davis

Amazing Events on the Horizon!

Hey everyone!

We had a terrific last meeting with speakers David Hill from Arnett Foster Toothman and Fred Dillon from Dixon Hughes Goodman talking about skills for interviewing. In addition to their entertaining banter between them, they had a ton of good information to think about before we start our round of interviews. They also encouraged us to really start thinking about what we will be asking the interviewers. It was a great night and if you were unfortunate enough to miss it, you definitely missed an informational night.

In addition to information about interviews, I discussed SEVERAL different events that are ramping up at the moment. It may seem like there is a lot going on, and there is, but as the school schedules start to get more difficult, our Beta Alpha Psi schedule will lighten up so that you can focus on the school work. There are several events, which you can get to by clicking on the links to the right. There is plenty of information there about them, and if you need more, as always you can email bapmarshall@gmail.com.

All of these events have deadlines, and most of them end soon, so please check them out and make sure you sign up, particularly for the service events. There are only a few scattered throughout the semester, and they are vital to ensure you meet your service minute requirements. Make sure you are up to date with all your sign ups!

This week we will be building on last weeks meeting, and actually practicing those skills that we will be needing in the interviews with our mock “interviewers”. These interviewers will be giving back invaluable information on our performances, so take this opportunity to practice now, before the actual interview!!
See you next Thursday!!

Amazing Meet the Professionals Event and Important Information

Well, we kicked off the semester right this year, with an amazing turnout at the Fall interest meeting, and then followed that event up with a terrific Meet the Professionals Event. We had 19 Firms show up at the event, and 80 students went through those doors to meet them. The atmosphere was great and I could tell that everyone there had prepared for this event and impressed the professionals. I also received several compliments from the professionals, so they were pleased with our turnout as well. Great job for everyone, and fantastic way to represent Marshall!

Our next meeting is scheduled for this Thursday in Corbly Hall Room 104 at 5:15 and covers interviewing skills. This will be a great lecture, and I hope to see you there.

Now, onto the rest of the semester. This time is going to get very busy, with several events coming up, including the “Pro-Am” Golf Scramble, the Huntington Firms Visit, and a few service opportunities. Look for the new pages with information to go up shortly for all of these, and be on the lookout for flyers in the hallways with additional information. Several of these require signing up, so don’t drag your feet or it may be too late!

Lastly, let’s talk about internships and jobs! Jobtrax currently has several different firms looking for applicants and some of those deadlines for applying are this week!!! Make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity to interview and apply for a position. In addition, for our fall and spring graduating seniors, the WVSCPA career fair is on October 5th, and that also has sign up requirements and deadlines. It is definitely in your best interest to attend these events and take advantage of these opportunities!

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, send them my way at bapmarshall@gmail.com.

See you at the meeting!

Great Success at the Fall Interest Meeting!

As the president of Marshall University’s Beta Alpha Psi, I have to admit, I was overwhelmed by the attendance at our fall interest meeting. I was hoping for a good turnout, don’t get me wrong, but our meeting saw 57 new members show up to find out about Beta Alpha Psi!!! On top of that, there were several who were interested but unable to attend the event. I had the opportunity to talk with many of these new recruits, and with the enthusiasm and interest they showed at being a part of this organization, I know this year is going to be a tremendous success!

Next up on our events scheduled is the Meet the Professionals, next Thursday at 5:30. Check out the Meet the Professionals page under the Events Page Tab to find out which firms will be present, and look for an email from our VP of communications, Evan Shamblin to get more details on where it is. If you are not receiving emails and you would like to, please email bapmarshall@gmail.com to get on our mailing list.  This event is business casual attire, you want to impress the professionals after all. Feel free to bring your resume to hand out to companies, and make contacts.

See you next Thursday!!

Web Page is now Live!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the newly renovated webpage for the Kappa Phi Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi at Marshall University! We are very excited to start this semester off right, so stay tuned here for new developments, news, important information and any other pertinent facts!

Thank you for stopping by and we hope to see you at our meetings!