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Brain Expo 2010 Stations

Seeing is ......... Believing? (Optical Illusions - explore amazing optical illusions and learn how they work)

Do bugs (and other creepy-crawly critters) have Brains? (Invertebrate Neuroscience)

Touch a real sheep brain (Brain Anatomy)

Color your own brain hat (Brain Anatomy - color code your own brain and wear it on the outside of your head)

Archimedes Spiral (play with motion after effects)

Mirror Drawing (motor control and optical illusions)

Eating Pizza is NOT a no-brainer (color the brain areas involved with different phases of pizza-eating in order)

Brain Foods (learn which foods are good for brain health)

How to lose your own hand. (Sensory Perception and Mis-perception)

Get Conditioned! (Pavlov and more)

Amazing Memory. (Memory and its downfalls)

How fast are you? (Reflexes)

Are you paying attention? (You'll be suprised by what you don't notice)

Brain and spinal cord safety. (Seat belts, ATV and bicycle safety)

Eyes are ama-SEE-ing. (Binocular vs. peripheral vision)

Neurons: the electric cell. (build a neuron keychain using beads)

Sleep, why do it? (what is the brain doing during sleep?)

Stay active to stay healthy! (how does physical activity affect the brain?)

Sensory integration. (how senses work together)

Cerebellum, your 'little brain'. (everyday activities depend on the cerebellum)

Professional Careers in Neuroscience.

Academic Careers in Neuroscience.