Pier Paolo Claudio, M.D., Ph.D.

Pier Paolo Claudio, M.D., Ph.D.Associate Professor
Department: Biochemistry and Microbiology
Research Cluster: Cancer Biology
Office and Laboratory: McKown Translational Genomic Research Institute (TGRI) 1600 Medical Center Drive, Huntington, WV
Phone: (304) 696-3516 | E-mail: claudiop@marshall.edu

Research Interests

The focus of our laboratory is to understand the molecular mechanisms governing malignant transformation and to translate from the bench to the bedside tailored novel therapeutic strategies.

Translational research (applied research aimed at closing the gap between the laboratory and the bedside) is the main focus of our studies.

In our laboratory, that is located within the Translational Genomic Research Institute at the Edwards Cancer Center, we have been focusing on the effects that chemotherapy drugs and various diet components have on the growth and survival of the root of cancer, i.e. the cancer stem-like cells (CSLCs).

We have developed a cell culture method that enables the selection and proliferation of CSLCs from the bulk of tumor cells of patient tumor biopsies. Using this cell culture method we have established a laboratory-developed chemosensitivity test, the ChemoID® assay (Figure 1), which compares the sensitivity of CSLCs vs. bulk of tumor cells to chemotherapy. We are using this method to predict tailored chemotherapy strategies for lung, brain/spine, and breast cancer tumors in phase-I clinical trials.

ChemoID Assay Rationale_Fig1

Figure 1. Our strategy is to improve cancer treatment by specifically targeting cells that are thought to be critical to the activity and survival of cancer and that are known as cancer stem cells.

To effectively design novel biological drugs, a further understanding of the mechanism of cancer pathogenesis is required. Toward this end, we have carried out in the past 20 years studies to understand the crosstalk between those factors that contribute to cancer progression versus those that protect from it and to use them to our advantage to defeat cancer.

Gene therapy offers great potential for combating and curing a wide range of pathologic lesions. One of the major limiting factors in gene therapy has been the development of safe and effective delivery systems.

Another emphasis of our research efforts is on imaging-guided drug delivery. Our ability to incorporate drugs or genes into detectable site-targeted nanosystems represents a new paradigm in image-based drug delivery.

We have developed a novel gene therapy system based on the use of commercially available ultrasound contrast agents and adenoviruses that enhance the specificity of gene transfer in vitro as well in vivo. Ultrasound-mediated microbubble destruction improves the efficacy and reduces the non-specific expression of gene therapy vectors, providing a useful tool for manipulating gene expression in the living animal (Figure 2). We are currently working on further developing this useful targeting gene therapy tool to help close the gap that still exist between laboratory gene therapy studies and their bedside applications.

Firefly Luciferase Gene Transfer_Fig2

Figure 2. Detection of microbubble-assisted Firefly Luciferase gene transfer through whole animal imaging. Panel a) is the ultrasound image of a tumor xenograft. Panel b) is the image from a mouse that received ultrasound on the tumor implanted in the left flank showing specific luciferase luminescent signal at 24 hours from the treatment. Panel c) is the image from the same mouse as in panel b showing specific luminescent signal at 1 week from the treatment.

Selected Publications

Antonio Cortese, Germano Savastano, Massimo Amato, Antonio Cantone, Ciro Boschetti, and Pier Paolo Claudio. New palatal distraction device by both bone borne and tooth borne force application in a paramedian bone anchorage site: surgical and occlusal considerations on clinical cases. J Craniofac Surg. 2014 Mar;25(2):589-95. doi: 10.1097/SCS.0000000000000674. PMID: 24577304

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Laboratory Personnel

Pier Paolo Claudio, M.D., Ph.D.

Walter Neto, M.D.

Miranda Carper – Ph.D. candidate

Sarah Mathis – Ph.D. student

Rounak Nande – Ph.D. student

Benji Pyles, Biological Sciences, M.S. student

Logan Lawrence – Biological Sciences, M.S. student

Danielle R. McCallister – VMD student