Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Courses

636 Enzymes and Proteins (3 Hrs.)

A study of structure and function of enzymes and other proteins, including proteomics, purification, enzyme assay and kinetics, molecular chaperones, protein ubiquitination and degradation, and protein engineering.  We will discuss current literature concerning specific enzymes important in the cell cycle and regulation of gene expression. (PR: Biochemistry and permission of instructor)

638 nucleic acids and protein synthesis (3 Hrs.)

An advanced course in molecular biology and molecular genetics emphasizing current research in these areas. (PR: Biochemistry and permission of instructor)

643 Molecular signal transduction (3 hrs.)

An advanced exploration of the newest information on cellular signalling pathways. Special emphasis will be placed on current literature in following signal transduction from the plasma membrane to the nucleus. (PR: BIC 620 and permission of instructor)

675 Special Topics (1 – 4 Hrs.) 

A course on special areas of research or topics not routinely covered in existing courses.