Neuroscience and Developmental Biology Literature Review

Neuroscience and Developmental Biology Literature Review (1 credit hour) provides an opportunity for faculty and students to meet and discuss recent papers from the disciplines of Neuroscience and Developmental Biology. Each course participant will be assigned responsibility for one class meeting. Responsibility includes selection of research paper; making an introduction, presentation, and critique of the methods, results and conclusions of the research paper; answering questions from other course participants about the research paper.

Course objectives for students are:

  • Improve familiarity with the scientific literature in Neuroscience and Developmental Biology
  • Improve oral scientific communication skills
  • Develop critical thinking about:
    • research design and methods
    • analysis and interpretation of experimental data
    • appropriateness of conclusions drawn from experimental data

A course syllabus (coming soon) and schedule (coming soon) are available.

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