Physiology Courses

628 Mammalian Neurophysiology (2 Hrs.)

This course is a basic introductory, survey course covering neurophysiology from subcellular level to behavioral level. (PR: Permission of instructor)

629 Mammalian Physiology (6 Hrs.)

A study of mammalian systems including pulmonary, renal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine and reproductive systems. Emphasis will be placed on homeostatic mechanisms and on experimental approaches to physiology. (PR: PHS 628 or PHS 626, PHS 627)

641 Recent Advances in Physiology (1 Hr.)

Recently published articles in a selected area of physiological investigation will be presented by participants in the class. Each presentation will be followed by a discussion and evaluation of the paper (PR: Permission of instructor)

666 Physiology of the Cell (3 Hrs.)

An in-depth study of selected topics in cell physiology.

675 Special Topics (1 – 4 Hrs.)

Present course material on special areas of research of topics which are not routinely covered in existing courses.