GSO 2011 Meeting Minutes


December GSO Meeting

Meeting Date: 12/11/2011
Start Time: 12:00PM
  • T-shirt sales
    • Volunteers have been implemented to take orders for BMS T-shirts. Please see the respective students for order form and money turn ins:
      • 2nd floor- Billy Patterson
      • 1st/3rd floor- Ted Witte
      • 4th floor- Stephanie Van Meter
    • T-shits will consist of Long-sleeve or short-sleeve cotton shirts (dark green with white lettering), long-sleep or short-sleeve dry fit (same coloring scheme) and Hoodies
      • Cotton T-shirts: Long- $15, short- $13
      • Dry Fit: Long and short-see Miranda Carper for pricing
      • Hoodies: $25
    • Order forms must be turned in by FRIDAY December 9th
    • T-shirts will be distributed before Christmas
  • Bake Sale
    • bake sale will be held next Thursday (8th) and Friday (9th, pending)
    • canned foods will be taken up on respective days and donated to the Huntington Food Bank
    • Proceeds from the bake sale will also be donated toward the Jared Box Project
      • Info on Jared Box: Jared Box project is designed to provide toys to chronically ill children between the age ranges of 12month-16yrs of age. Respective boxes will be given to chronically ill children at Cabell Huntington Hospital. Individuals are welcome to make their own Jared Box or donate toys. Please see Johannes Fahrmann ( for further details.
  • GCA- Responsible Conduct of Research Class is being offered in the spring semester
    • this is a mandatory class for all BMS students/professors
    • class will be held every thursday from 12-1pm for the entire semester
    • will also incorporate grant writing workshops
  • New Biostatistics class
    • Dr. Denvir will be teaching biostatistics in the spring. This class is HIGHLY encouraged If you have already taken biostatistics, you are welcome to sit in.
  • Special Topics Class for MedSci students
    • A new BMS 4 hr special topics class will be provided for 1st year MedSci students. Theme TBA, speak with Dr. Green for more information
  • Fundraising Events
    • Service Auction- plans in the works to hold a service auction where respective students will auction of services ( i.e cooking, cleaning, nothing sexual or illegal is permitted, contract based ). The GSO will attempt to hold the auction in collaboration with the Med-School students to increase funds generated. Date TBA, will be held in spring
    • Superbowl Chili Cookoff Competition- a chili cook-off competition will be held superbowl week. Winner will recieve price (to be determined). Further information will be provided in the immediate future.
  • GSO Christmas Party
    • December 16th @ 5:30PM Fatty Patties, participating members are allowed to bring 1 guest
End Time: 12:46PM

October GSO Meeting

Meeting Date: 10/07/2011
Start Time: 12:00pm

  • Open House
    • Will be October 21st
      • Volunteers are needed to assist with tours, Q + A sessions and overall help with the function.
      • Please email Miranda Carper ( if you are able/willing to assist.
      • We also need 15-20 posters to be presented. If you are interested in presenting your current research or research from you respective lab, please email Miranda Carper ( or Diana Maue (
      • Food: Soup, Salad and desert, will have vegetarian choice as well.
      • This year we wanted to change things up a little bit and focus on foods which contains various components that are current being studied within our program ( omega 3 fatty acids, capsaicin, etc )
      • We would also like to have informational signs/posters setup lunch to give a quick detail of who is using the component in terms of research, and some of the benefits which can be attributed to the respective component
      • NEED VOLUNEER COOKS AND BAKERS to assist with making the assortment of foods and deserts. Please email Miranda Carper, Johannes Fahrmann ( or Allison Wolf ( if you are able to help out.
      • We will have a supplementary meeting Thursday (Oct 20th) to go over specifics ( time to be announced).
  • Grant Writing Workshop
    • Dr. Niles and Dr. Rankin will be giving a Grant Writing Workshop near the end of February.
    • It is highly advised that all Research-based students attend this seminar as it provides a great wealth of knowledge and provides key focus points.
    • Students who have previously attended, please email Dr. Niles with any suggestions about improvements or areas of focus.
  • Christmas Philanthropy event
    • If you have any suggestions on charity event ideas, please email Miranda Carper, Johannes Fahrmann, or Allison Wolf.
  • Christmas Party:
    • Will be held at Fat Patty’s, time and date to be announced in the future.
  • T-Shirt SalesCharity Event: Rocking for a Cure o Rocking for a Cure is being hosted at Barcode ( 4th Ave, between 15th street and Hal Greer ) on October 26th at 8pm.
    • We are looking for T-shirt design ideas, please email Miranda Carper, Johannes Fahrmann or Allison Wolf with ideas.
    • We would like to sell these prior to Christmas
  • $5 dollar admission ( admission goes to ACS )
  • Bands: The Key, Point of Jerus

End Time: 12:40pm

August GSO Meeting

Meeting Date: 08/05/2011
Start Time: 12:00pm
Miranda Carper is currently working on a word file which will be sent out on behalf of the faculty/staff awards.
Faculty and Staff Nominees:


  • Lonnie (ARF)
  • Paula Kounz
  • Connie


  • Dr. Green
  • Dr. Salzbury
  • Dr. Jackman
GSO is hosting a Volleyball Tournament September 3rd at the Marshall Recreational Center
6 vs 6; double elimination; $10 per individual
12:00pm to 4:00 pm
Saturday, September 3rd
GSO is looking for volunteers to assist with the BMS picnic @ shelter 2 on Thursday
- Please contact Miranda Carper if you are able (
Mentors should be sending out information on how many individuals from respective labs are coming and/or presenting at the retreat.
- Volunteers are needed to assist with the Retreat this year ( held on Friday the 19th )
- Please contact Miranda Carper if you are able (
Grant workshops and end note seminars are currently being established. Further information will be provided in the future.
Future Fundraising ideas: Performance Review Show/Talent Show
Talked About Nomenclature between Med Sci + Research
End Time:12:40pm

July GSO Meeting

Start Time: 12:00pm

Scholarship – $300 total per scholarship, Deadline for applicants is August 1st
- will be awarded to one PhD/Master student and one MedSci student
- will send out application via seperate email
Kings Island trip
- trip will be canceled this year, the money will be used for scholarship instead
If you have nominations for faculty awards please email miranda carper.
If you wish to apply for Graduate Student Awards, please see Dr. Green.
Volleyball Tournament Fundraiser
- Tentatively will be held END of AUGUST BEGINNING OF SEPTEMBER
- will provide more detail later this month
T-shirts- if you have any T-shirt design ideas, please email Miranda Carper ( see email above )
Graduate Student Council approved Teaching Classes and New BMS 600 class
Huntington Outdoor theater this weekend- Dr. Green will be preforming ($15 admission)
End time: 12:40 pm

May GSO Meeting


GSO Meeting Minutes:

Start Time: 12:00 PM
  • Brief Introduction
    • Immediate Future plans are to establish a Fundraiser for the Crisis in Japan. Ideas are welcome.
  • New Additions to the Organization
    • GSO will be implementing Scholarships (between $100-300+ ) that will be given to a research graduate student (masters or PhD) and a medical sciences student.
    • This will be presented during the Annual Research Day (tentatively, may change)
    • Tentative application and criteria will be drafted come next meeting
    • A review board of both external professors and students in GSO will determine respective student recipients
    • Scholarship money can be used for anything (tuition, conferences, etc)
    • President, Vice President, and Treasurer/Secretary are NOT eligable for this award
  • New Classes
    • A full semester of Research and Integritywill be required of all students and faculty
      • 1 Credit Course
      • will be in the spring
      • required for NIH funding
    • Open slots are available for other areas of interest
      • please email Miranda, Allison, or Johannes if you have any particular ideas or areas which would be of interest
    • Networking Seminars will be introduced
  • Assisting the StudentsGSO will be attempting to bring in Guest Speakers to discuss options post PhD/Masters that are Academic and NON-Academic ( Gov. , etc )multi-session
    • Deadlines for Graduation are becoming more stringent. It is required to have a hard copy of dissertation 2 weeks prior to event.
    • Faculty is making a handbook of requirements for Graduation
    • GSO will assist with this handbook, please email Miranda, Allison, or Johannes if you have any suggestions
    • Ex. Qualifying exams will be addressed- require more information and guidelines
    • Ex. Student Disabilities need to be addressed
  • Fundraising:
    • Soccer Tournament: TBA ( will be during summer )
    • Next meeting:
    • Nominations for Faculty Awards
    • Agenda will be provided in advance
End Time: 12:45 pm