GSO 2012 Meeting Minutes


August GSO Meeting

Date: 08/03/2012

Start Time: 12:10pm

Volleyball Tournament: There will be a volleyball tournament August 25th at the Barcode on 4th Ave (at the corner of 4th Ave and 15th Street across from Latta’s). Tournament starts at 1pm, and a benefit concert for the American Cancer Society will be held afterwards. Flyers will be posted in the Biotech building and at Cabell.

Car Wash: There will be a car wash August 19th at the AutoZone on Hal Greer tentatively scheduled from 12-5pm. All volunteers are welcome. Flyers will be posted in the Biotech building and at Cabell

Lunch Fundraiser: There was discussion of having a luncheon fundraiser (possibly either Chili or Soup & Salad) towards the end of September/beginning of October. If anyone has any questions/suggestions, or would like to volunteer to help, please let the GSO know.

Appalachian Regional Conference: The Conference will be held October 12th from 9-4:30. While the overall theme is cell biology, any submission (immunology, toxicology, neuroscience, developmental biology, etc.) is welcome. More information will be coming in the next couple of weeks, and as of right there’s no charge for attendance.

Insurance: There has been a decision to try and start offering catastrophic insurance to the BMS program. More information will be available later.

New Website: The new website is just about ready to launch after a few changes are made.

Career Seminar series: Thanks to everyone that helped to set this up! The second Friday of each month there will be a career seminar students will be able to attend that not only covers academic career choices, but options in the industrial, government, and other sectors.

Outreach opportunity: Possibly this spring there will be a chance to help with an outreach opportunity called the “Science Cafe.” Here grad students will be able to come and discuss and answer questions people in the community have about research in general, but this will especially target highschoolers and residents. More information will be coming later.

Class registration: Don’t forget to register for classes by August 31st.

End time: 1:00pm

July GSO Meeting

Date: 07/06/2012

Start Time: 12:15pm

Cell Biology Conference: The first Cell Biology Conference will be held in October at the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center in Charleston. The speaker will be Dr. Pathak from the National Cancer Institute and will be on HIV and drug resistance. Currently the registration form is being developed.

Physiology Class: The new Physiology class being setup for the Research students is being setup and is tentatively scheduled for the coming Spring semester. Currently it is set up as a 4 credit hour class.

BMS magazine: The BMS magazine first release date is tentatively set for this coming August.

Website: The new website is almost up and running. Diana Maue is still looking for images from the Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences and Infectious and Immunological Diseases clusters.

Outreach Opportunity: Johannes Fahrmann is looking for volunteers to help with organizing and recruiting for the “GREEKS ‘Shedding of the Pounds’” Competition. The Competition mimics “Biggest Loser” and is open to anyone wanting to participate. Money will be generated from sponsors donating X sum per pound lost, and the money generated subsequently divided amongst three local and national charities (American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and American Diabetes Association). Right now volunteers are needed in helping organize the event, which is tentatively scheduled to run from November to April. Anyone interested please contact Johannes at

End Time: 1:15pm

June GSO Meeting

Date: 06/08/2012
Start time: 12:00pm

New BMS website: For the past couple of months, Diana and Tamara have been working on a new website for the BMS program. Now they need our input/feedback for anything we would like to see or have changed compared to the old site. You can email Diana at They are also wanting any images from current research to put up on the new site if anybody has any!

Volleyball Tournament and Car Wash: The beach volleyball tournament is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of August 25th and 26th. The car wash at Autozone is scheduled right now for July 29th.

GSO Scholarship: Applications for the GSO scholarship are due July 15th. The scholarship awarded will be $500.

Career Center workshops: The Career Center has agreed to host workshops for us about 1/month next academic year to help with CV building, interviewing skills, and possibly bringing in outside speakers from areas beyond academics.

Seminar formalization: Some changes have been made to the Seminar course. As of now, it’s expected to have classes every Monday, with outside speakers scheduled mostly on Friday. For required speakers, a notice will be posted 2-3 weeks prior, otherwise attendance is encouraged. Also, the 50min lecture format has been revised.

Regional Meeting: The GSC has agreed to help with the budget for the Regional Meeting that is beign setup between Marshall, WVU, UK, and OSU.

End Time: 1:15pm

Start time: 12:00pm

May GSO Meeting

Report from Last GSC Meeting
Ryan Withers gave his report from the last GSC meeting. Student concerns about this year’s Seminar course were brought up to faculty representatives, and steps are being taken to resolve the concerns. A suggestion was also brought up about having student input after guest speakers presented.

GSO Scholarship
There was discussion on asking faculty if they could help support the GSO scholarship again this year.

“Speaking up! for Science”
Motion to vote for participation by the Marshall BMS program with the “Speaking up! for Science,” a part of Research of America ( The motion was seconded and a vote of agreement for participation was passed. The website also has information about if any person wants to personally add their name to the group.

Electives for the program
It was brought up that we should ask the College of Science about being able to sign up for their courses for electives relevant to our degrees. As it turns out, we can discuss with professors at the COS about signing up for the courses.

Student-driven research forum creation
Allison Wolf has informed us that she, along with students from UK, WVU, and Ohio University, have sent in a grant for the creation of a student-driven research forum that will be held in Charleston. The focus of the forum will be more on cell biology, and a keynote speaker has already been asked to come. She is waiting to hear back if the grant has been accepted.

Volleyball tourney and car wash
There will be another volleyball tournament this year, as well as a car wash from which the proceeds will be used to supplement the GSO scholarship mentioned above. More details to come. If you know any faculty member who may be interested in helping with the car wash, please let Johannes Fahrmann know.

Meeting End: 12:40pm

March GSO Meeting

Date: 03/12/2012
Start Time: 12:00 PM
Nominations for 2012-2013
  •  President: Allison Wolf
  • Vice President: Johannes Fahrmann
  • Treasurer/Secretary: Ryan Withers and Benjamin Owen
Please Contact Miranda Carper ( with your nomination picks
The GSO has motioned to separate the position of Treasurer/Secretary into TWO separate positions.
  • Motion was passed 03/09/12
  • Changes will be added to the by-laws
  • Nominations for Secretary are open, if none apply, the individual who lost the election for the Treasurer/Secretary position will take the position
 Chris Lowe will be going to Africa for a Mission Trip
  •  The GSO has decided to assist Chris Lowe by holding a bake sale which will provide funds to be used on medicine and supplies (i.e. toothbrushes, etc) which will be distributed to individuals in need. We will also be taking up donations of supplies. A list will be provided in the following weeks of supplies which meet the criteria.
  • the bake sale will be some time at the end of March or beginning of April (TBA)
  • Tuesday or Friday of next week Dr. Niles will be presenting a Grant Workshop. This workshop is aimed at Pre- and Post-doctoral fellowship grants such as the F31 (pre-doctoral). Time and location TBA.
Star Symposium (April 20-21st) is ACCEPTING ABSTRACTS
  • It is highly encouraged to participate as the respective winners will recieve prizes
 Graduate Council
  • 12 students have been interviewed for the Ph.D. program, 7 will be accepted
  • Dr. Niles et al. are working on incoporating an MD/Masters program focusing on clinical research
  • MD/Masters-  2 years med school, 1-2 years research in translational research, finish med school- funding will be supplied ( in progress )
  • the MD/PhD program is also being actively being improved with the hope that the improvements will yield a higher competition with other schools and more benefits for students in this program
  • GSO will be hosting a dodgeball tournament sometime in April
  • Beach Volleyball is also in the works
  • Dates TBA
  • GSO will be providing scholarships again next year for students who have excelled in their fields of research as well as in their contributions to the local and national community
  • we are hoping to have the program MATCH us this year with funds, MATCHED funding will result in either increased scholarship money ( last year it was 300$ ) or increased number of scholarships given.

New Website for Med-Sci is currently being constructed.

End Time: 12:40 PM