Research Clusters

Recognizing that science today is increasingly crossing traditional departmental boundaries, Marshall University’s Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Graduate Program takes an interdisciplinary approach and organizes its faculty into research clusters. Through these research clusters, faculty form interdepartmental collaborations that enhance both their research and experience of graduate students. The clusters have been derived from the key areas of faculty research expertise and are available to both M.S. and Ph.D. degree students (but are not available to students in the medical sciences area of emphasis).

You will select the right research cluster for you at the end of your first year of graduate studies, but not before. Through research rotations, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with at least three of the five different research clusters and their associated technologies before making a commitment. Once you have decided upon a research cluster, a faculty member of that cluster will be your advisor, and the other members will be on your advisory committee.