Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, and Diabetes

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May-July 2016


Research Cluster

Cardiovascular diseases are still the highest and number one cause of death in the United States. Alarmingly increased rates of obesity in the United States and especially in the Appalachian region (WV) have increased risk to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The Cardiovascular, Obesity, and Diabetes Research Cluster (CODRC) is composed of a broad group of basic science and clinical faculty drawn from different departments and schools of Marshall University and its affiliated institutions. This research cluster offers students the opportunity to gain an education and research training in various aspects of cardiovascular function and diseases, obesity, and diabetes.

CODRC_CTS Inhibits Pump Activity

Drs. Shapiro, Xie, Liu, Pierre, Yan: Novel therapeutic role of Na+ K+ ATPase in renal and cardiovascular diseases

The cluster includes world-renowned scientists in metabolic syndrome, hypertension and heart failure: Dr. Joseph Shapiro (Dean of Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine) and Dr. Zijian Xie (Director of Marshall Institute of Interdisciplinary Research).

CODRC Graduate Students

CODRC Graduate Students, L to R: Debbie, Jackie, Laura, Molly, Becca, and Caroline

Students will learn and utilize a variety of genetic, epigenetic, molecular, morphological and physiological experimental techniques and apply them to models at the animal, tissue, cell and molecular levels. The students also will have an opportunity to work on translational research projects with leading scientists and clinical faculty.

The results of each student’s research would contribute directly to a greater understanding of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes, their interrelationships, and the development of improved treatments.



Some of the ongoing research in the laboratory of the cluster faculty are given throughout this webpage.

Dr. Koc: Mitochondrial ribosomal proteins in cardiovascular disease

Dr. Kim: Genetics of obesity and diabetes

Dr. Egleton: Blood brain barrier and stroke and diabetes


Graduate Student Curriculum 

Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, and Diabetes Faculty and Researchers