Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, and Diabetes

Cardiovascular diseases are still the highest and number one cause of death in the United States. Alarmingly increased rates of obesity in the United States and especially in the Appalachian region (WV) have increased risk to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, and Diabetes Research Cluster (CODRC) is composed of a broad group of basic science and clinical faculty drawn from different departments and schools of Marshall University and its affiliated institutions. This Research Cluster offers students the opportunity to gain an education and research training in various aspects of cardiovascular function and diseases, obesity and diabetes.

CODRC Faculty Diagram Students can choose to conduct their research in a number of contemporary research areas including:

  1. Influence of diet and aging on cardiovascular disease and obesity (Nalini Santanam)
  2. Epigenetic regulation of adipose dysfunction (Nalini Santanam)
  3. The roles of altered angiogenesis or increased susceptibility to oxidative stress in diabetic neuropathy (Richard Egleton)
  4. The modulation of the cerebro-vasculature by various components of metabolic syndrome. (Richard Egleton)
  5. The genetic basis of obesity and diabetes (Jung Han Kim)
  6. The effects of exercise, disease and aging on molecular mechanisms associated with contractile signal transduction in both vascular smooth muscle and cardiac muscle (Eric Blough)

To investigate these topics, students will learn and utilize a variety of genetic, epigenetic, molecular, morphological and physiological experimental techniques and apply them to models at the animal, tissue, cell and molecular levels. The results of each student’s research would contribute directly to a greater understanding of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes, their interrelationships and the development of improved treatments.

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