Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, and Diabetes M.S. Research Curriculum

Required BMS Core Courses

Biochemical, Cellular and Molecular Foundations of Biomedical Sciences BMS 600
Seminar BMS 680
Communication Skills for Biomedical Sciences I BMS 660
Communications Skills for Biomedical Sciences II BMS 661
Introduction to Research BMS 685
Responsible Conduct of Research BMS 644
Statistical Techniques for the Biomedical Sciences BMS 617
Research BMS 882

Required Research Cluster Courses

Course title Course number
Mammalian Neurophysiology and General Physiology PHS 628
Physiology of the Cell PHS 666
Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity and Diabetes Colloquium BMS 665

Suggested Electives

Course title Course number
Advanced Cardiovascular Physiology PHS 638
Introduction to Pharmacology PMC 610
Introduction to Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology PMC 643
Advanced Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology PMC 645
Signal Transduction BIC 643

M.S. Comprehensive Examination

Thesis Defense