Infectious and Immunological Diseases Graduate Student Curriculum

Required BMS Core Courses

Course title Course number
Introduction to Nucleic Acids and Proteins BMS 601
Introduction to Cell Structure and Metabolism BMS 602
Regulation of Cell Function BMS 603
Cellular Basis of Disease BMS 604
Seminar BMS 680
Communication Skills for Biomedical Sciences I BMS 660
Communications Skills for Biomedical Sciences II BMS 661
Introduction to Research BMS 785
Responsible Conduct of Research BMS 644
Statistical Techniques for the Biomedical Sciences BMS 617
Research BMS 882

Required Research Cluster Courses

Course title Course number
Current Topics in Molecular Biology (1 hr.)     MCB 622
Medical Microbiology I (3 hrs.)     MCB 631
Medical Microbiology II (2 hrs.)     MCB 632
Principles of Immunology (3 hrs.)     MCB 643
Molecular Aspects of Pathogenesis (3 hrs.)     MCB 648