Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences Graduate Student Curriculum

Required BMS Core Courses

Course title Course number Credit hours
Biochemical, Molecular and Cellular Foundations BMS 600 7
Seminar BMS 680 6
Communications I BMS 660 1
Communications II BMS 661 1
Intro to Research BMS 685
Responsible Conduct of Research BMS 644
Research BMS 685 15 (max)
Statistical Techniques for the Biomedical Sciences BMS 617

Required Toxicology Courses

Course title Course number Credit hours
Toxicology PMC 650 3
Toxicology Reviews PMC 655 1 each (3 total)

Suggested Electives

The following courses are suggested as electives for students. A course(s) may be
required by the dissertation committee.

Course title Course number Credit hours
Molecular Cloning BMS 670 2
Signal Transduction BIC 643 3
Molecular Basis of Pathogenesis MCB 648 3
Introduction to Pharmacology PMC 610 3

Qualifying Exam


Course work


The student must first successfully complete the written exams. A written
grant in the style of an NIH Predoctoral grant proposal format must be
submitted on either the student’s research project or another topic. The
grant must be submitted within two (2) months of completion of the written
exam. The Oral examination is a defense of the grant application. The NIH
instructions can be found at the following links:

Other Activities

Students are strongly urged to attend one national scientific meeting and present the
results of their research.