Clayton Crabtree featured on Channel 13 News

Clayton Crabtree was recently highlighted on Channel 13 News. Clayton is a Marshall University senior whose research mentor is Dr. Piyali Dasgupta, a Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Professor within Marshall’s Toxicology and Environmental Health Science Research Cluster. The following story is taken from its website. To access the video story, use the following link:

Clayton CrabtreeA West Virginia native is working to find a cure for two diseases prevalent in his home state.

Clay Crabtree, a Marshall University biology student, was awarded a grant to research diabetic retinopathy.  The common eye disease occurs when there is excessive growth of blood vessels causing damage to the retina.

According to Crabtree, smoking cigarettes is a risk factor for the eye disease.  The nicotine in cigarettes promotes the growth of blood vessels, and that is exactly what Crabtree wants to suppress in his research.

A $1,800 Grants-in-Aid of Research award is now in Crabtree’s name, helping with buying necessary research equipment and paying for travel expenses to and from the research lab.