Dr. Maria Serrat speaks at the Gordon Research Conference in Ventura, CA

Maria Serrat, Ph.D.Dr. Maria Serrat, Assistant Professor of Anatomy, presented “Multiphoton imaging offers new insights into growth plate regulation” at the Gordon Research Conference: Cartilage Biology and Pathology, held March 6-11, 2011, in Ventura, California. Dr. Serrat studies the regulation of postnatal bone elongation in growth plates, the regions of cartilage where bone lengthening occurs. She investigates the environmental component of bone growth, specifically the facilitative role of warm temperature and physical activity on limb lengthening. Dr. Serrat’s long-term goal is to identify the physiological mechanisms underlying temperature- and exer­cise-enhanced bone elongation in the growth plate in order to develop more effective treatments for childhood growth disorders.

You can learn more at the Gordon Research Conference website.