Pathogenesis cluster announces a name change

In order to align its name with that of other research departments and to better capture the interest of prospective research students, the Pathogenesis Cluster has undergone a name change. One of the five research clusters in the Biomedical Sciences Program, this cluster will now be known as Infectious and Immunological Diseases.
The primary emphasis of the Infectious and Immunological Diseases Cluster is the study of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of diseases. Faculty research interests are diverse and include: induction and regulation of immune responses in autoimmune disease; characterization of leukocyte response to Streptococcus infections; developmental regulation of gene expression; mapping and cloning of human disease genes; epigenetic control of pathogenesis; epigenetic and genetic control of myeloid progenitor cell maturation as pertaining to leukemia; respiratory infection mouse models for cystic fibrosis; and control of mucoid Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms.

Dr. Hongwei Yu is the Research Cluster Coordinator. Faculty members performing research in this cluster also include Dr. Susan Jackman, Dr. Donald Primerano, Dr. Vincent E. Sollars, and Dr. Wei-ping Zeng.