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Board of Governors

Minutes of November 10, 2004

Members Participating:

Mr. A. Michael Perry, Mr. William Smith, Mrs. Verna Gibson, Mr. Brent Marsteller, Mr. John Hess, Mr. Menis Ketchum, Dr. Jim Sottile, Mr. Bob Shell, Mrs. Letitia Chafin, Mr. Seth Murphy, Mrs. Sherri Noble, Mr. Gary White, Mrs. Virginia King, Mr. Mike Farrell, Mr. Gary Adkins

Members Absent:

Mr. Joseph Williams


Dr. Dan Angel, Mr. Layton Cottrill, Dr. Larry Stickler, Mr. Larry Barnhill, Mr. Herb Karlet, Mr. Glen Kerkian, Dr. Robert Bookwalter, Dr. Charles McKown, Mr. Jim Schneider, Dr. Keith Spears, Mr. Dave Wellman, Ms. Su Tams, Mr. Lance West, Dr. Vicki Riley, Dr. Stan Maynard


SGA President Jenn Gaston, and Vice President Chris Hickok


I.        Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order by Chairman A. Michael Perry.

II.      Approval of Minutes

Mr. White moved to approve the minutes of the previous board meeting. Seconded by Mr. Adkins. Motion carried.

III.    Announcements

A calendar of events was distributed to board members.

IV.    Presidentís Report

Dr. Angel gave a power point presentation discussing numerous issues with regard to Marshall, including Profiles in Prominence; national trends in higher education finance; and peer tuition comparisons.

V.      Community & Technical College Report

Dr. Riley discussed the following with regard to MCTC: innovative training programs; the CTC peer selection process; recruitment for a position in manufacturing technology; and the strategic plan for MCTC.

VI.     Presentation-Health & Wellness Center

SGA President Jennifer Gaston and Vice President Chris Hickok made a Powerpoint presentation on the planned Health & Wellness Center at Marshall. This presentation included the chronology of events from the inception of the project to the present time; the need for a new Health & Wellness Center; alternative funding mechanisms for the project; location of the facility; benefits of such a facility for the students and the institution; and studentsí level of support for a new facility.

VII.   Report of Committee Chairs

1) Finance Committee, Virginia King, Chairman

a)       Auditorís Financial Report for FY 2003-04

Mrs. King moved that the Board postpone acceptance of the financial report, pending further review and discussion of GASB39, and further that the Board delegate authority to Mr. Perry and Mrs. King to resolve the GASB39 issue. Second by Mr. White. Motion carried.

b)       GASB39 update. Mrs. King discussed GASB39.

c)       HEPC Proposed Joint Legislative Rule for Higher Education Finance Policy

Mrs. King moved to approve this item as listed in the agenda. Second by Mr. White. Motion carried.

d)      Update of Peer Calculation/Process

Presented by Mrs. King as information item.

e)      Third Party Waiver Annual Report for FY 2003-04

Mrs. King moved that the Board accept this report. Second by Mr. Ketchum. Motion carried.

2) Academic Committee, Mr. Mike Farrell, Chair

a)       Marketing/University 101 Survey

Mr. Farrell provided an update on this item.

b)       Web Page

Mr. Farrell led the discussion on Marshallís web page utilization; and plans for future improvement.

c)       Evaluation Process for Faculty vs.
          Evaluation Process for Non-Classified Staff

Mr. Farrell provided an update on this item.

d)       Accreditation Update

Dr. Denman provided current information on this item.

e)       Deanís Search

Dr. Denman commented on four vacancies, and the ongoing search process

f)       Compact Update

Mr. Farrell commented on this item, and discussed enrollment and retention trends at Marshall.

g)      Video Ė June Harless Center

Dr. Stan Maynard presented this agenda item.

Mr. Farrell moved that the Board authorize the President of Marshall to finalize the terms of the employment contract for Mr. Glen Kerkian, such contract to be reviewed and approved by the board chair. Second by Mr. White. Motion carried.

3)      Medical School Committee, Mr. Bob Shell, Chair

Mr. Marsteller provided an update on this committee, and discussed the clinical addition at the Fairfield property.

4)      Athletic Committee, Mr. Menis Ketchum, Chair

Mr. Ketchum discussed the move to Conference USA; the status of the athletic policy; and proposed improvements for athletic facilities.

5)     Community & Technical College Committee, Mr. Gary White, Chair

a)      Memorandum of Understanding between MCTC and IDEA.

Mr. White provided this information item.

b)       Approval of New Compact and Strategies

Mr. White moved that the Board approve this item as listed in the agenda. Second by Dr. Sottile. Motion carried.

Mr. White discussed plans for a future compact with regard to Advantage Valley CTC.

VIII.  Possible Executive Session under the authority of WV Code ß 6-9 A-4

Mr. Adkins moved that the Board enter into Executive Session. Second by Mrs. King. Motion carried.

At the conclusion of executive session, the Board resumed full and open session.

Mr. Perry called upon Dr. Angel for remarks. Dr. Angel made remarks, and read a letter in which he announced his retirement from Marshall University effective December 31, 2004.

Dr. Angel discussed his years of service to Marshall, and outlined the major accomplishments of his presidency.

Mr. Farrell moved that the Board accept Dr. Angelís notice of retirement as submitted, and further that the Board authorize Chairman Perry to amend Dr. Angelís contract appropriately to reflect his future service to the University. Second by Mr. Marsteller. Motion carried.

On behalf of the Board, Mr. Perry offered comments thanking Dr. Angel for his outstanding service to Marshall University.

IX.    Adjournment

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,
Joseph Williams, Secretary


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