Study Abroad

Inherently educational, travel is transformative, particularly for college students. The College of Arts and Media regularly witnesses how travel changes students’ lives and we are committed to providing our students with more opportunities to travel, intern, study, exhibit and perform in this country and abroad.

Through our commitment to present Marshall students with travel and study abroad options, we develop vital global awareness in our graduates and position them to effectively navigate the complex but shrinking world they will inherit as adults.Our priority is to instill appreciation of cultural diversity in all our students. Travel, particularly on an international scale, helps to develop the capacity to value foreign cultures, promote broader understanding, and enhance appreciation of different people. These are essential characteristics of 21st century world citizenship.

Imagine having the opportunity to perform for an appreciative audience at the world’s largest jazz festival in Montreux, Switzerland, study art in the shadow of the Uffizi Museum in Florence, Italy, or do an internship with a major media organization in Sydney, Australia. Marshall students have done just that! In recent years the College of Arts and Media has assisted students with the expense of travel and study in Brazil, Italy, Australia; Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Scotland and Costa Rica. These exciting international destinations are complemented by numerous regional and national venues to which our students travel annually for study, exhibition, and performance opportunities that are hallmarks of a quality education.

We want to ensure that these experiences, which truly distinguish our students and their education, become firmly embedded in the culture of the College of Arts and Media at Marshall University.  That commitment includes providing financial assistance and, to sustain that commitment, we seek to establish a College of Arts and Media endowment dedicated to supporting student travel.

For more information, contact Dean Don Van Horn at (304) 696-2964.

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