The Virtual Tour takes you, the visitor, on a walk around the Huntington campus of Marshall University. Along the way you'll visit buildings and locations around campus, learn about their rich histories, and see photographs of each destination.

You'll notice several options on the right hand side and above the photograph of each location. These options will help you find your way through the tour.

  • Video - see video what fellow students have to say about the location.
  • Map - see the location on Google Maps.
  • Prev - takes you to the last location you visited in the tour.
  • Next - moves to the next location in the tour.
  • Home - returns you to the tour welcome.
  • Restart - moves to the first location in the tour.

We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to the Marshall campus. If you are coming to the Huntington area and would like to schedule a tour, please call 877-GO-HERD1 (304-696-3646 local) or visit the Office of Recruitment.

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