Jenkins Hall

Jenkins Hall, constructed in 1937, is located on the eastern side of the inner campus. Until 1970, the building provided elementary through high school education and served as a laboratory for prospective teachers. Now Jenkins Hall houses administration, offices and classrooms of the university's College of Education and Professional Development. The facility includes the Learning Resource Center, a mathematics education laboratory, a science education laboratory, electronic classrooms, and the June C. Harless Center for Rural Educational Research and Development.

The building was named in honor of a Confederate cavalry officer, General Albert Gallatin Jenkins, who was a native of Cabell County. As a young man, Jenkins attended Marshall Academy (now Marshall University). The naming of Jenkins Hall was part of a broader effort in the early 20th century to enshrine pro-Confederate ideals in building names and monuments, but this effort is not appropriate or supported today.

Marshall University recognized this and in 2018 a Presidential Committee was established to examine building names on campus. Even though the position of Marshall University is to stand strongly against slavery, injustice and discrimination, the building name has historical value, not in the glorification of activities that supported slavery or rebellion, but in the acknowledgment of what transpired in the past.